When is AC Service Mandatory Time?

When is AC Service Mandatory Time?

Having the best air conditioner at home not only provides comfort but also makes you have to think about regular maintenance. It’s not enough to get there, you also have to think about the problem of electricity bills which will actually increase.

Well this time we want to discuss about the best AC maintenance which in fact cannot be tried. The AC maintenance process not only sterilizes the outside of the AC unit but also protects the cleanliness of the inside of the AC. To sterilize the outside, maybe you can do it every day, but maintenance from the inside must be tried by an expert.

Sometimes the discussion among the best AC users who are still new is when should the AC be serviced? Once a month, every 2 months, once every 3 months or even just 2 times a year? In fact, the best air conditioner in your home or office must at least be serviced every 2 or 3 months.

The seriousness of this service actually depends on the consumption of the best AC itself. As a home owner, of course you can’t control the 24 hour attitude of family members or guests in the room, right? Although in an air-conditioned room it is clear that smoking is prohibited, but in fact there are still a few people who practice it.

An improper attitude when located in an air-conditioned room can affect the performance of the air conditioner. The best air conditioner that must cool a smoky room (because of cigarettes) of course cannot work properly, but the compressor will be required to work optimally. If this situation continues for a long time, it can be determined that your best AC must be serviced faster or more often.

So for the problem of seriousness of the best AC service, you can familiarize yourself with the treatment received by the AC itself. After that what you need to remember, when carrying out AC service, make sure the water used for washing the AC must be water with low or even zero salt content. This matter is important to remember because the best AC washing process with water that has a large salt content can make your AC rusty. Therefore, for those of you who live in coastal areas, you should not use ground water for washing AC, but use PAM water. If you have a water filter at home, then consuming ground water for washing AC is not a problem.