What is a Home Balcony? Observe the Use and Design Inspiration!

What is a Home Balcony? Observe the Use and Design Inspiration!

The balcony of the house is the upper terrace of a dwelling. Generally, this side of the house is in the form of a terrace that is given a fence and the size is not too big. Several uses ranging from a drying room and a place to relax can be fulfilled by the presence of the balcony.

On the other hand, it can be said that the balcony is a make-up of residential accessories. With a suitable home balcony model, the appearance of the house will be more attractive. This time, I will share with you a complete discussion and suggestions for simple home balcony models. Completely follow!

What is a Home Balcony?

By definition, a balcony is a porch or terrace on the top floor of a multi-storey building. Balconies can be placed on the front, side, or back on the top floor of your home.

Basically, not all residences have this one side of the building. Because indeed the balcony is an optional space. But there is nothing wrong with increasing the upper veranda to relax with the family.

Home Balcony Model

The balcony is a space that you can create according to your taste. Try the designation of this side of the house as a place to express your expression. As inspiration, let’s look at some of the home balcony models that you can imitate below!

2nd Floor House Balcony

The veranda with dimensions of approximately 2 x 4 m is made simply and plainly. The top porch railing is made of an iron frame with a bonus paint finish. On the other hand, the floor is given plain ceramic cream patterned.

In addition, small plants in pots are useful for increasing the beauty and aesthetics of the balcony. The combination of all the elements with the same pattern will make the display look slick.

Minimalist Balcony Design

By definition, the minimalist concept is a flow of architectural art that prioritizes the use of the design object itself. So it can be said that a minimalist balcony acts as a place to relax, so that is what is prioritized in its construction.

In addition, the minimalist concept also practices design by maintaining only the essential elements. The minimalist balcony model in the photo can be seen from the making of a ‘improper’ balcony by increasing the mirror railing and a sofa table without makeup, another bonus. Moreover, the selection of neutral colors can support simplicity which is also another distinctive characteristic of this concept.

Minimalist Balcony Above Home Garage

The majority of minimalist balconies above the garage have dimensions as big as the garage itself. So that you can be more free to pour creations in designing a minimalist home balcony.

Balcony Decorating Green Plants

In general, many people use the upper terrace as a place to store sofas and chat with family members. But what happens if the land you have is not enough to just store a bench? You can choose small dimensional ornamental plants to fill the veranda. The house certainly looks more beautiful and the atmosphere feels cooler.

Fence Frame from Stainless

The balcony railing frame is one part that can be made of any material. Starting from iron, stainless, wood, to mirrors can be your choice. But if you are looking for a material that is resistant to weather, it is better to choose stainless as a balcony railing frame in your home. Because the material will not rust, especially weathered by extreme changes in air temperature.

Rattan Sofa Inspiration for Balcony

There are many types of sofas that you can put as makeup for a minimalist balcony design at home, one of which is a sofa made of rattan. The advantage of this one material as a sofa material is that it is light and can withstand heavy loads.

Semi Open House Balcony

The majority of balconies are entirely open spaces. But in fact you can modify the model into a semi-open area. An effort that you can do is to provide a partition in the form of a sliding mirror.