Want to have a fish pond in the house? Don’t Forget These Things!

Want to have a fish pond in the house? Don’t Forget These Things!

Fish ponds can be one of the interior decorations that can beautify the appearance of our homes if done correctly, choosing the right fish pond design and of course taking good care of it. Not only pleasing to the eye, our homes can also feel cooler and fresher because the fish pond gives a strong impression of life and nature into the house. Especially if Pins can combine it with natural stone decorations. Wow, just getting cooler!

Although it can be a good interior design decoration, building a fish pond must be done properly so that it looks beautiful and provides the benefits of a good fish pond for us. Here are some things Pins must do to build a fish pond in the house:

Determining the location of the right fish pond area

You know, Pins, it turns out that building a fish pond at home doesn’t have to require a large space! We can make a fish pond vertically aka attached to the wall of the house. Thus, the room in the house can seem like being in water. The thing that must be considered is the direction from which the light comes, this point becomes even more important if Pins want to add additional decorative decorations in the form of living plants, the direction of light is a determinant of the survival of our plants Pins.

Adjust the type and size of the pool with the room in the house

As an additional reference, Pins can see examples of various fish pond designs in garden stores or fish shops. This is useful to increase knowledge as to what type and size according to the needs, tastes and personalities of the residents of the house. Pins can freely choose various containers that are approximately suitable for fish ponds in the house, ranging from plastic materials, glass to permanent ponds made of cement and sand.

The use of glass material will make your pool look seamless, Pins!

Give decorations so that the aesthetic feel is more pronounced

If Pins doesn’t have much free time or it’s difficult to decorate their own fish pond, Pins can ask for help directly from the services of a handyman who is used to decorating fish ponds. Usually the experience of an expert pond decorator can distinguish between the best decorations for the edges to the inside of the fish pond.

In addition to decorating fish ponds, stone bridges can also make the transition between rooms smoother

To be able to decorate the fish pond to the fullest, it would be better if Pins could carefully determine the dimensions of the pond, starting from the height, length and width. Always remember to leave a space of about 6 inches around the pool as a place to decorate. If you want a simple design, you can start by filling the 6 inch space with ornamental plants or natural or colorful stones. To further strengthen the feel of the beauty of your fish pond, Pins can cover the edges of the pond with sturdy plywood and is perfect for decorating fish ponds.

Installing the right filters and water pumps for fish ponds

To keep Pins’ fish pond clean and the fish healthy, it’s a good idea to add a filter and water pump to your pond. If Pins chooses the type of ornamental fish pond that is decorated with natural rocks or artificial plants, Pins can add sand to the surface of the pond so that the dirt in the pond absorbs into the sand. In addition, the addition of this sand can make Pins’ fish pond look neater and more attractive to look at.

fish pond in the house If you are in the middle of a room like this, the filter and water pump can be disguised with pond decorations

Measuring the right volume of water into the fish pond

Giving water to the pool is not a trivial matter, you know, Pins! There are several types of fish that must be considered carefully for their breeding business and this is in line with the provision of water volume and the provision of water into the pond. Examples are koi fish and goldfish. The growth pattern of koi fish is much larger than that of goldfish, so koi fish will dominate the growing place and the available food.