Vertical Garden, Garden Solutions with Limited Land

Vertical Garden, Garden Solutions with Limited Land

Making a small garden at home in addition to adding to the beautiful impression can also provide an adequate supply of clean oxygen.

Well, friends,have you ever thought about or really have the desire to create a garden at home but are constrained by minimalist housing and limited land? If this becomes an obstacle, friend can try to apply the vertical garden model. Where later the park will be built on a field that stands perpendicular to the ground. This model is often referred to as a wall garden, living wall, green wall, and others.

Vertical Garden, Overcoming Land Limitations

One of the goals of making a garden with a vertical model is to overcome the limited land in minimalist dwellings. In addition, vertical gardens can also be a means of green space that provides many functions and benefits. Such as holding back the heat of the sun, reducing air pollution, to increasing the supply of oxygen to the body.

This garden model also has its own beauty which is certainly not owned by the horizontal garden model. Even for laying this vertical model, it can be placed and built anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

It is also important that you know that vertical gardens have 2 types of systems, namely; Green Facades whose walls will be overgrown with vines and Living Walls whose walls will be given planting media for plants to grow. Usually consists of plant panels, frames, irrigation systems, to special planting media.

Making a vertical garden model can actually be done in a simple way. Such as planting plants in a pot and then arranged from top to bottom. Or it could be by using pipes and bamboo to make stacking planting media from top to bottom.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Garden

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a vertical garden model that is applied to a minimalist residence with limited land?

Advantages of Vertical Garden

Save Land

Of course, the land will be more efficient, aka you don’t need too much land. You can even make it at home so that it can give the impression of being more comfortable.


This type of garden is also very flexible. Easy to move around, so you won’t feel bored, let alone can give a more natural impression for room decoration.

Minimizing Air Pollution

The existence of vertical air with many plants can minimize air pollution. Especially if you live in an urban area.

Adding Decorative Elements

The decorative touch is not only done by applying furniture or displaying works of art. You can use a vertical garden to give a fresh and natural atmosphere.

Disadvantages of Implementing Vertical Gardens

Easy Dry

In some cases, vertical garden plants will usually be easier to dry. That’s why you should avoid using black or gray containers. Especially if the vertical garden is placed in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

More Expensive

When compared to conventional planting, the cost of making a vertical garden usually tends to be more expensive. Therefore, before making a vertical model garden, it would be better to make a financing plan first.

Can Look Less Neat

If you don’t arrange it properly and correctly, chances are that a vertical garden will actually give an untidy impression. Especially when placed indoors.

Well, friend if you are interested in making this garden model, you should start by looking for what type of vertical garden you want. Will the plants be allowed to propagate on the walls or use special planting media? Don’t forget to do maintenance regularly and diligently. Especially for those of you who make a vertical garden as a decoration touch, of course it must look beautiful every time.