Types of Planting Media for Creating a Garden at Home

Types of Planting Media for Creating a Garden at Home

Planting media is an important element used to sustain the life of plant seeds or flower seeds in your home garden. The elements contained therein are very useful for the development of plant organs. Planting media is not only about plants grown in pots, but for all the development and growth of all plants. A good planting medium for plants contains nutrients and mineral substances that can meet the needs of plants. The following are several types of planting media for creating a garden at home:

1. Fertile land

People often use fertile soil as a medium for growing plants in pots, because fertile soil can store a number of substances needed for plants. elements found in fertile soil can increase the productivity of leaves and flowers. In it, the content of fertile soil contains minerals, nutrients and micro-organisms which are very useful for plant growth. Fertile soil that is widely used by flower growers mostly comes from mountainous areas, because the soil that comes from the mountains has a loose texture making it easier for the roots to breathe.

2. Humus

Humus is the most fertile soil for plants, including ornamental plants, because it has a composition similar to compost. This planting medium is usually dark in color and also has a soft and loose texture which contains many substances such as phenols, carboxylic acids, hydroxides and aliphatic.Of course, with a lot of these substances, humus soil will be very suitable if used as a planting medium, especially planting media in pots.

3. Black husk

Husk is rice waste that has been widely used by Bandung ornamental plant farmers as a planting medium. Husk is a planting medium that is suitable for various types of ornamental plants and flower seeds. But what is meant by husks referred to here are black husks or burnt husks. This planting medium is able to have and increase the porosity of the soil so that the soil becomes loose and able to absorb nutrients properly.

4. Manure

Manure planting media that is widely used for potted plants is manure derived from goat waste/dung. However, most farmers who use the planting medium will wait for it to dry. Because the manure planting medium contains high nitrogen elements. the impact if used directly is very risky for the plant to dry out. Dry/ripe manure is usually brown in color with a very hard texture.

5. Coco peat

Coco peat is often referred to as coconut waste, because this planting medium comes from the industry which then goes through the process of washing, heating, filtering and then careful inspection. Before being processed into coco peat planting media, it will be divided into various levels of granules and densities and then enter the packaging stage. The use of coco peat as a planting medium should be mixed with other planting media so that the results are maximized.