Types of Pests That Attack Grapes

Types of Pests That Attack Grapes

Similar to other fruit crops, vines are also very susceptible to pests. As for several types of vine pests often attack and cause damage and losses. Here are some types of vine pests that are often encountered.

Phylloxera Vitifoliae

This pest attacks plants that are still young or old. This pest is capable of causing the vine to dry and die. The parts that are usually attacked are complaints and direct plant roots. A common symptom of leaves affected by this pest will have small boils that will swell like warts. These pests will settle under the peeling bark and in the root tissue.

Japanese Beetle

Symptoms caused by this pest are skleletonized leaves (only vea remaining), damaged flowers and buds. Extensive and extensive damage to plants. The causative insect is a bronze-green beetle with tufts of white hair sticking out from under the wings covering each side of the body. For an adult insect body size of about 12 mm, the larvae are cream-white, and maggots can develop well in the soil.

Grape Mealybug

The impact of this pest is to cause disease in the form of sooty fungus that grows on the fruit. What causes is a sweet secretion by insects that falls on the fruit and encourages mold growth. This pest can be controlled by controlling the pseudo population to encourage the mealybug population as a natural enemy, and applying the right insecticide.

Black Vine Weevil

Symptoms of vines that are attacked by this pest are damage to the stems of leaves, shoots, and flowers. Plants affected by this pest will lose their strength. Invading larvae will live in the soil and feed on plant roots.

Grape Flea Beetle

This pest will eat young shoots which result in the formation of ovules so that the yield of grapes can be reduced. The presence of these larvae will also eat the grape leaves and cause the tree to be late in fruiting.

Grape Berry Moth

You have to be aware of almost all pests because they will be very dangerous for your plants. This pest breeds in the fruit. Larvae that grow inside the fruit will eat the flesh of the fruit from the inside, causing a lot of damaged and rotting fruit.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

The last type of pest is the multicolored Asian lady beetle, also known as the Asian beetle. This type of pest will attack the fruit and eat the inside of the fruit. And the impact is that the affected fruit will become damaged and rot.