Types of Outdoor Ornamental Plants for the Home Yard

Types of Outdoor Ornamental Plants for the Home Yard

There are various types of outdoor ornamental plants that are ready to make your home page and terrace more beautiful. Moreover, the front yard of the house will be the first impression of guests who will visit. So, let’s create a fresher, beautiful and brighter atmosphere with these plants. Of course there are many types, ranging from leafy to colorful flowers. Usually, plants with leaves or flowers that are heat and rain tolerant as an option. This can simplify the treatment process because it is placed outside the home.

Ornamental Bamboo

The reason for planting plants in your yard is to make it look shady, cool and beautiful at the same time. Ornamental bamboo or what can be called Dracanea sanderiana can be the first recommendation for types of outdoor ornamental plants. Ornamental bamboo has more and shorter stems. Usually, bamboo only grows to a maximum of 3 meters in height and has a golden yellow color. Besides being a decoration, ornamental bamboo can also be used as a windbreak.


The next type of outdoor ornamental plant is a pine tree which can be the right choice. This unique shape can beautify the corners of your home page. Pine trees are indeed suitable for planting in tropical areas because they are resistant to hot weather.


Lately, cactus plants have become the dream of many people to be used as ornamental plants. This desert plant is suitable for planting in Indonesia, which has a tropical climate. There are also various types of cacti. That’s why cacti are the choice of many people to be used as outdoor ornamental plants. The various shapes, colors and spines also make it a special attraction.

Ornamental Spinach

Spinach can also decorate your home page. Ornamental spinach or which has the Latin name Amaranthus tricolor has a nice blend of red, yellow and green colors. The striking color of this plant will make the page the main point when people first see it. This plant is also easy to care for because it can be exposed to heat and placed in an open space that is exposed to direct sunlight.

Gaillardia flower

Of course there are recommendations for Gaillardia Flowers as a type of outdoor ornamental plant that has beautiful colors. This flower has a shape and color that resembles a sunflower. Because this flower is still classified as the sunflower family or Asteraceae or Compositae.