Home decorating is not only limited to beautiful colors and furniture. Choosing ornamental plants is the right thing to complement your home decor. Besides being able to beautify the house, ornamental plants also have many benefits. There are already many beautiful types of ornamental plants that you can choose to beautify your house. Choosing ornamental plants also need to consider several things, one of which is the color of the ornamental plant. The right combination of colors can be one of the reasons the house looks more attractive. The following are types of ornamental plants that have white leaves that might complement your home decoration.

1. Caladium Moonlight

Ornamental Plants


Caladium Moonlight has white leaves whose wide arrows are green. Thin leaves and even almost transparent, making this plant look a little fragile but still beautiful. If you pay attention, this plant is almost similar to Caladium White Christmas, only the difference is that Caladium Moonlight does not have green veins in the leaves. Therefore, Caladium Moonlight looks like a slightly pale moonlight and shines.

2. Aglonema Super White

Although all this time we only know the green and red aglonema plants, but apparently there are types of aglonema that have white leaves. Aglonema with white leaves is no less beautiful. The whole leaves are dominated by white hue with leaf bones and only the edges are thin green. Caring for Aglonema is also not so complicated, you only have to place this Super White Aglonema plant outside the home so that it can be exposed to direct sunlight. As for fertilizing, you can give it once a month. For fertile and wide growth, you can use the planting media or compost soil.

3. Calathea White Fusion

This type of calathea has a unique motif that is like zebra. Calathea White Fusion is known for its size that is not so high. The condition of the leaves that grow clustered or accumulate one another, but still neatly arranged. This plant can be planted and cared for in the highlands or lowlands. You can also store this plant in a shady place or not exposed to direct sunlight. As for watering, it can be done in the morning and evening with enough water.

4. Monstera Variegata

Monstera Variegata is the most popular ornamental plant last year even though the price is quite expensive. Because, this plant is quite difficult to cultivate and its maintenance is quite complicated. Uniquely from this type of monstera found there is a fusion of green and white. The white color in this variegata is known to originate from cell mutations due to chlorophyll abnormalities in the leaves. Even the more dominant the white color on the leaves is usually more in demand. This plant is also suitable for you who are used to caring for ornamental plants.

5. White taro

The last white leaf ornamental plant is white taro. The characteristic of this taro is the shape of the leaves that resemble the heart. This white taro is suitable to be placed indoors to give a bright effect. Even so, white taro still has to get a little sun. Make sure not to water it too often because it will cause the roots of white taro faster.

Types of Beautiful White Ornamental Plants