Tricks to Get Rid of Pests in Organic Vegetable Gardens

Tricks to Get Rid of Pests in Organic Vegetable Gardens

One of the obstacles is pests that can attack organic vegetable gardens, causing the organic vegetables produced to be less attractive. Along with changing lifestyles that are growing, now there are many gardeners who are interested in producing organic vegetables. However, producing organic vegetables is not easy because there are many obstacles that can be encountered when gardening. However, the use of chemical pesticides in this case is not recommended, and you have to use organic pesticides even though the workings of organic pesticides are somewhat slower when compared to chemical pesticides. For this reason, before pests attack, you should do prevention first. There are several ways to get rid of pests in an organic vegetable garden:

1. Do fencing on the garden

Thrips are pests that often worry gardeners because these pests can come at any time and at an unspecified time. Therefore, to prevent thrips pest attacks, you can do this by building a fence around the garden using shrubs such as tagetes, cloves, neem, lamtoro, or srikaya.

2. With sunflower plants

There are ways to get rid of pests, one of which is with sunflowers. Sunflowers or usually called by the name of the golden shower or by another name brexia madagascariensis. These plants can distract from insects which will eventually save organic vegetables in the garden. Usually the insects will gather in the sunflower garden.

3. Using srikaya, neem, or cloves

There are various plants that have a very important role in eradicating pests such as neem, srikaya, and cloves which can be used to improve soil, contain pollution, and can also be formulated into vegetable insecticides which can be needed at any time. If there are these plants, the soil texture around the garden will be better.

4. Fragrant lemongrass

Usually citronella plants can be planted in the middle of a garden or bund which acts as a pest repellent. This is because this citronella plant contains the aroma of cymbopogon nardus which is of course very pungent and will make the pests stay away.