Tips For Your Minimalist Home Garden Looks More Beautiful and Fresh

Tips For Your Minimalist Home Garden Looks More Beautiful and Fresh

A healthy home is a house that has good air circulation. Well, one strategy to freshen the air in the home environment, the existence of a minimalist garden is very important. In addition to beautifying and beautifying the yard, a minimalist garden can also get rid of stress when saturated. Even with a small home page, a minimalist garden is one of the best things to do. However, with a lot of activity outside the house, it is not uncommon for you not to have time to just care for it, rearrange it, even water it. As a result, the park is damaged and disorganized. Instead of beautifying the home environment, your minimalist garden may even become a home for mosquitoes and other insects.
So, for that, we have tips for beautifying your minimalist garden in a short time and without draining. Here are the tips:

1. Add Flashy Color

If you want your minimalist home garden to look alive and fresh, then it doesn’t hurt to plant ornamental plants that have flowers with striking colors.
For example, such as kambodja, roses of various colors, shoe flowers, chrysanthemums, and many other types of ornamental plants. Besides being able to beautify your eyes, ornamental plants with striking flower colors can make you fresher and avoid stress.

2. Make a Plot of Space for Each Plant

Remember, what most determines your minimalist garden looks more alive is how you classify each particular type of plant in one place.
This is the same as decorating a flower bucket, the difference is that it is used to decorate your minimalist garden. To make it easier for you, make a plan or layout of each ornamental plant that you want to plant in advance. Regularity and the right combination will create a more beautiful minimalist garden.

3. Using a flower pot or planting directly in the ground?

One of the most important things that must be considered so that your minimalist garden looks more beautiful is the planting medium used. Using a flower pot or directly planted in the ground? Remember, not all ornamental plants can be planted using flower pots.
For that, you must know the flower planting specifications that you want to decorate your minimalist garden. If you do use a pot, then choose a flower pot with a material that is not easily broken. For example, such as plastic pots or other similar pots that have a more durable durability.

4. Water Regularly

One of the most important factors in caring for your minimalist garden is “how often do you water your plants?” Again, you need to know the specifications of the flower or ornamental plant you are planting. There are several types of ornamental plants that cannot tolerate too much water, on the other hand there are also ornamental plants that need a lot of water to continue growing.

5. Protect Your Plants from Weeds

Indeed, weeding your ornamental plants is not done intensely. But, this is very important to do. There are times when you have to check some of your houseplants for them to grow to their full potential. Every now and then, cut off any branches of your houseplant that are growing irregularly. This is to make your ornamental garden beautiful and orderly.

6. If needed, Spray with Pest Killer

In order for your ornamental plants to be even healthier, then you can use products to kill pests. Spray the pest killer liquid using a Hand Sprayer so that the distribution is evenly distributed properly.
Well, actually to care for your ornamental plants, it only takes patience. If your minimalist garden is more lush and orderly, then the air environment around the house will feel fresh.