Tips for Sterilizing Dirty Kitchens at Home

Tips for Sterilizing Dirty Kitchens at Home

The kitchen is a part that must get extra attention in cleaning the house. How not, after cooking, the kitchen can become very dirty due to spilled food ingredients, scattered spices, to the rest of the oil attached to the stove and its surroundings. If not handled properly, this will affect the hygiene of the food and the health of the housekeepers.

By sterilizing the kitchen regularly and effectively, not only free from bacteria and germs, activities at home will also continue to be safe. Then, how to clean it? Follow the method of sterilizing a dirty kitchen so that the house remains clean and healthy as follows.

Rinse the remaining spilled oil

After cooking, so that the remaining oil does not spread and make other kitchen areas such as walls and floors more dirty, the remaining oil should be cleaned first.

Citing the Boldsky page, there are at least 7 methods of sterilizing the kitchen and stove after cooking, namely by using ammonia; baking soda and hydrogen peroxide; boiling water; dish soap and baking soda; razor; salt and baking soda; and vinegar. Not only that, you can also sterilize all surfaces in the kitchen using a disinfectant.

Wash the dishes right after eating

The second method of sterilizing a dirty kitchen is to make it a habit not to delay washing dishes. Piling dishes will make the kitchen continue to be dirty.the art of washing dishes separates certain kitchen utensils.

First, first wash the cup before moving to plates and other eating utensils. On the other hand, larger portions such as serving plates, pans, and baked cans are the last to be washed. In addition, it is also recommended to wear rubber gloves to effectively kill bacteria.

To eliminate odors emanating from the sink drain, pour laundry soap into the drain as needed. Then, turn on the water tap for a while, until the smell will also disappear. Don’t forget to change the sponge regularly.

Sterilize the refrigerator

To always protect the refrigerator so that it is always hygienic, throw away all leftover food in the refrigerator. Quoting Simply Business, before sterilizing the refrigerator, you need to lower the shelves, trays, and accessories in the refrigerator. After that, soak some of these items in a food-friendly antibacterial cleanser, then rinse them at the bottom of the faucet.

After that, spray the inside of the refrigerator with disinfectant and rinse with a damp cloth. Finally, return the part of the refrigerator that you rinsed earlier and leave a full cup of bicarbonate of soda in the refrigerator for a day or two to absorb the strong food residue odor.

Sterilize the trash

Rinse the trash can completely clean each time you throw away its contents. If necessary, every day the trash can is washed using a sponge and soap. Even though you’ve covered the trash with a trash bag or a regular plastic bag, it’s not often that the bag leaks after it leaves behind smells and residual dirt and becomes germy stuff in your home.

Grouping cooking utensils

We need to separate the cooking utensils for vegetables and meat, especially the cutting board which is used for cutting raw vegetables and meat. If not separated, it is feared that the vegetables will be contaminated with germs that are in raw meat and stick to the cutting board.

After that, also pay attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen table, whether on it there are cooking utensils, eating utensils, and various containers of spices. You should store things that are not used often in the cupboard so that the table feels more spacious and clean.

Floor Mop

To make sure the kitchen floor is completely free of dirt and oil, mop the kitchen floor using water that has been mixed with mop medicine 2 times. If you use vinyl flooring, you can use toothpaste to clean it.

Always pay attention to large, leaky zones. If your kitchen faucet leaks, fix it immediately. Always make sure your kitchen area is not wet and damp. Because this can invite animals such as cockroaches and rats to roam.

Adjust air circulation

To get rid of the smell of leftover food, you should not use air freshener spray because it will only make the smell continue to be unpleasant. Make sure the area you are rinsing is ventilated either by turning on the extractor fan or opening a window. Or you can also open the kitchen door for at least 15 minutes so that there is an exchange of air. That way, the method of sterilizing a dirty kitchen will be more efficient.