Tips for Setting a Good Minimalist House Plan

Tips for Setting a Good Minimalist House Plan

The house is the most important asset. Therefore there are many things that need to be taken into account when designing the design. Not only architecture and interior, house plans are also important to note.

Minimalist house plans need to be arranged as well as possible in order to provide good luck to all residents. Not only made based on beauty or aesthetics, minimalist home design planning that is designed according to us also considers every element of the placement of the room with one another.

We are a topographical science from China which has a great and positive influence on aspects of life. Especially when it comes to building a house.

We in minimalist house plans apply the best layout in order to be able to create a dwelling that can function properly and comfortably. In addition, our knowledge in designing homes is also believed to be able to make homes look healthier and neater.

Therefore, for those who plan to build a minimalist home, you can consider our tips. Quoted from The Spruce, the following are tips for arranging a good minimalist house plan in our opinion.

Pay attention to the entrance

The entrance is a person’s first impression in a minimalist home. Of course you don’t want it, if someone who is going to the house for the first time has difficulty finding the location of the entrance, it is difficult to find the location of the doorbell, or seeing the view of an unclean entrance.

We think it would be better if there was an easy path to follow from the front of the house to the entrance. In addition, the front door must be arranged in an open and spacious manner.

 should also avoid walls or stairs less than six feet from the entrance. Also pay attention to whether the front door gets enough good light. Avoid homes with other doors or large windows directly opposite the front door.

Pay attention to the placement of the room

We emphasize that we do not carelessly arrange the details of the room when building a house. The best position for the kitchen, living room and office is near the front door of the house, . Because, here the family spends time together, and welcomes guests and visitors. So, it is better if it is built near the front door.

Meanwhile, private areas such as bedrooms, are better placed at the back of the house. Traditionally, the oldest family members such as grandparents stayed far behind.

The further behind you are, the more security, strength, and serenity you will have. Therefore, the placement of the room should be far from public spaces such as the living room.

Command position

The bed, desk and stove are the three most influential locations in the home in our opinion. The bed is a resting room from all activities, the table is a place for the family to eat together, while the stove is a place to cook.

Therefore, the three locations must be in a command position or the best position. The bed should also be placed in a position that allows viewing of the door.

Psychologically, it’s hard to relax with your back to the door, and will always be in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Stress hormones will work, making it unable to restore the body perfectly during sleep.

Pay attention to the middle room

The living room affects the well-being of all its residents. The center of the house relates to a person’s psychological state. So it should be made as comfortable as possible.

In our opinion, it is better to avoid building stairs or bathrooms in the living room. So that the living room of a minimalist home looks spacious and uncluttered.

Pay attention to the stairs

When building a house, especially with two floors, definitely consider what type of ladder is used. We don’t recommend using a spiral staircase, as it can be confusing.

Also avoid the use of stairs in front of the door of the house and in the living room. Many stairs in the house can make it difficult, .

The overall shape of the house


For the last tip, a floor plan that is generally simple and balanced in our opinion is a proportional rectangle. It looks boring, but with a rectangular shape it will create balance in a minimalist home.