Tips for Making a Minimalist Garden at Home

Tips for Making a Minimalist Garden at Home

A beautiful house doesn’t feel right if it doesn’t have a garden. If your house still has remaining land, it is better to use it to create a minimalist garden. Garden design can use professional services and can also make your own. The rest of the available land can be transformed into a beautiful garden by first determining the design concept. Making a minimalist garden will give a cool effect to the house and not be monotonous. Often a person can feel bored with a rigid home design. The following are tips for creating a minimalist garden at home:

1. Adjust Land Area with Plant Dimensions

In making a minimalist garden you need to pay attention to the available land area. The goal is that you can estimate the size of the plants that will be placed in the garden. Particularly tree planting because it will take up quite a large area of land so the dimensions must be taken into account.

2. Has a Simple Design

On narrow land, the garden should have a simple but beautiful design. One example, in the minimalist garden design image above, there are 2 main spots. The point is in the form of 1 large tree on the right and two bamboo trees in the front. After that you can add ornamental plants to beautify the garden. A simple design can give a wider impression on narrow land.

3. Choose Several Types of Plants

Choose the plant that best fits the concept. This aims to minimize the number of plants that are too much. Choose ornamental plants that are easy to care for and have beautiful color variants so that the garden becomes colorful.

4. Use Additional Ornaments

Giving rock ornaments is a special part of designing a garden. The pebbles serve to clarify the transitions and boundaries of the bush. Gardens that use additional stone ornaments will usually look neater and more beautiful.

5. Set the lighting

At night the beauty of the garden must also be considered. One way is to provide led lights in the garden. Apart from saving energy, this lamp also has a quite unique design variant that adds aesthetic value.

6. Garden Care

Over time, these plants will grow big. It takes special care to keep the plants healthy, such as watering them and applying fertilizer. Meanwhile, the small leaves can be tidied up so as not to interfere with the aesthetics.