Tips for Making a Garden at a Simple Home

Tips for Making a Garden at a Simple Home

Simple houses often also have minimal land. Not infrequently this model house ignores open layout and makes a garden. The lack of land makes all the area used for space needs. If you want to have a garden in your modest home, you have to be smart about it. Here are some tips for you in making a garden for a simple house.

Added Mini Fish Pond

A garden in a simple house will look cramped when it only contains grass and plants. Getting around a monotonous garden, you can make a mini fish pond in your minimalist home garden. In making a pond must also take into account the depth. Ideal for fish ponds as deep as 80 cm. The goal is to maintain the survival of fish in the pond. The depth of the pond stabilizes the water temperature when exposed to light and when exposed to rain, thereby ensuring ornamental fish remain safe in the water. Depth also protects from disturbance by fish predators such as cats.

Make a Barrier or Garden Fence

Barriers are very useful for a simple home garden. The narrowness of the land requires you to make a clear line between the garden and other spaces. Of course, so that visitors to your house will easily find out the existence of a garden room. You can choose what barrier is appropriate, walls or fences, made of wood or exposed brick. Choose which one fits your garden design.

Plant Selection

You are free to choose the plants you like because everyone has their own taste about plants. But of course all of that must match the standard needs and suitability of your garden. The standard for a minimalist home is of course preferring to choose plants with small sizes. Suitable ornamental plants such as aglaonema, adenium, agave attenuata, roses, bonsai plants and so on. If you want an even greener garden, you can add vines that spread to your garden fence or the walls of your house.

Artificial Waterfall

In addition to beautifying your garden and pond, you can add a small artificial waterfall. It’s good that you made it with a rock relief design that is simple and easy to make. The placement must also be precise. You can place this waterfall on the side of the garden where there are not too many plants, so that it eliminates the empty impression on the garden. Besides that, artificial waterfalls will be very useful as a stress remedy after undergoing a busy routine.

Added Garden Furniture

To add to the comfort of you and your family, you can place garden furniture such as long chairs that are not too big. Its function is of course as a place for you to relax after your busy activities. Feel the fresh air and the rush of water, accompanied by plants, fish ponds and green grass around you.

Plant Arrangement

One of the important things in making a garden is the arrangement of plants. Plants that are carelessly placed instead of getting prettier, actually add to the chaos of your home. Create the right harmony and combination when arranging your garden, by combining several different types of plants in one place. You can place plants based on the same color, but with different sizes and types. Another combination is the placement of plants with a natural image.