Living in the city is very comfortable, but most of the houses in the city are very small and the garden is also minimalist. This is especially true in apartments and multi storey properties that have terraces. Even though it would be very awkward at first to put together a narrow front garden, there are ways to use your narrow space efficiently. In order to create a minimalist front garden on narrow land, plant plants that grow upwards to focus people’s views upwards and not onto the area of the garden. If you have a narrow garden, you need an interesting idea to make the garden look more attractive and neat. Here are ideas for a minimalist garden in front of a narrow land house that we have summarized in order to improve the aesthetics of the house:

Put a large pot in your narrow garden.

Using small pots will make the garden look messy and cramped. Buy some large pots and plant them with many types of plants to keep the garden in a minimalist house on narrow land neat.

Get rid of trees and bushes.

Removing trees and plants that are low in your garden will create more space to make the garden look larger.
Plant flowers. Having a minimalist dry garden on narrow land doesn’t mean you can’t grow beautiful plants. Plants such as lavender, lily and honeysuckle work best in long, narrow gardens.

Arrange in such a way that the plants grow spreading upwards.

There are many properties you can use perennial plants that grow creeping upwards to create the illusion of a large area. This plant will not take up much space. Choose plants like jasmine, fox gloves, and wild irises.

Don’t use too many colors.

Having a colorful garden is great, but too many colors can be an eyesore and make your garden look cluttered. If you have a minimalist dry garden on narrow land, the garden design must be more neutral and calm to make the area seem wider.

Buy garden furniture that is multi functional.

To make the most of your space, especially if you don’t have space to store all your gardening tools, use garden furniture that is multi-functional. Some examples are Ottoman benches or flower pots equipped with shelves that can be used as storage areas.

Tips for Designing a Minimalist Garden on Narrow Land