Tips for Designing a Living Room with a Minimalist Style 2021

Tips for Designing a Living Room with a Minimalist Style 2021

Having a comfortable room is everyone’s dream. Especially in the living room which is the main room to be displayed in every home. The main impression of comfort can be felt and seen in this room. A small living room is actually not an obstacle to designing it with the desired design. The living room is used as the first area in the house, the living room is the most important element. Besides being used as an area to receive guests, this room is also an area that can represent the character of the owner of the house or family members. Therefore, an attractive arrangement and design is needed to give an impressive appearance to guests. And we all want to be able to organize this room with a simple design but look clean and tidy. With the type of minimalist style, it may be suitable to realize a simplicity that looks modern.

1. Use Bright Colors in the Room

Bright colors can give a large impression to a small room. other tips use the same color on the sofa or table. And if you want to add variety to the color so that the room still looks simple but looks elegant and luxurious, use the ideal combination with a maximum of three colors. As shown in the picture of the small living room above, use painting accessories on the wall that have a mix of white, blue, and black colors. Then combined with the color on the pillow that is adjusted to the color of the painting. and two blue chairs. With a circular table and white color, even a small living room will look spacious, simple, neat, clean, and modern.

2. Regulate Good Sunlight Intake

Sun Lighting that can illuminate all corners of your room will create a cool and fresh impression in the morning Use large mirrors. So that your room lighting is good, if you want to use small glass, determine the right position so that the lighting in your living room is good. If you want to use additional accessories in an empty corner, maybe using ornamental plant pots is highly recommended to be able to decorate the room and add a cool, fresh, and cool impression.

3. Use Simple And Functional Decorations

By applying a minimalist design style, using simple decorations does not need to use a lot of decorations in the living room. It is enough to use ornamental plants in the corner of the room and on the table, then add a patterned carpet, additional pillows on the chair, then simply displaying paintings, quotes or family photos on an empty wall is enough to create beauty and comfort in your living room.

4. Adjust the Sofa Size

Having a minimalist sofa for a small living room is often a problem or problem because it is considered to take up too much space. Even though this can be overcome easily, such as by choosing the right sofa shape and sofa color, your room will still look proportional. Choose a sofa with the right size when compared to the overall area of   the room and align it with the model and style of the guest table and lamps that have a simple, minimalist look. You can make a minimalist sofa the main choice to place in a small living room with a minimalist design style. In addition to the most appropriate shape, the size can also feel right when in a small minimalist living room design.

5. Use multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a solution that can overcome various obstacles in the arrangement of a small room with the use of furniture in a small living room. Therefore, to get around a small living room with a minimalist design style, this multifunctional furniture can provide more storage in the living room. As is the case with using a storage rack that can simultaneously function as a room divider. Choose storage with a light, simple and minimalist design so that it doesn’t give the impression of being cramped, but it will still feel flexible and of course functional.