A minimalist and elegant home terrace garden model is something that can beautify the look of your home. The terrace of the house is a very important place because it can be part of the corner of the guest’s eye that is first seen. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the design and arrangement. The beauty and aesthetics of the terrace garden is very influential on the overall appearance of your home. Here are tips for arranging an elegant minimalist terrace garden:

1. Flooring Materials

Terrace Garden

You can use Japanese grass or other types of grass for the garden floor, giving a cool and natural impression to your terrace garden. In addition, natural stones can also be used to create a more natural look. For a garden in a pot that blends with the terrace, ceramic with a rough texture is a good choice to prevent accidents when the floor gets wet in the rain.

2. Adding Plants

Adjustment of plants to be planted in the terrace garden must be made according to the size of the available land. For large areas, large, shady trees or fruit plants can be selected, while for narrow areas, small trees in pots or colorful flowers can be selected. If that’s not possible, a hanging garden with small pots planted with flowers can also be an option. For those who are busy, plastic plants can be an alternative to decorating a garden without the hassle of caring for plants.

3. Complementary Decoration

Decorations that are generally used to beautify the appearance of gardens and terraces are furniture such as chairs and tables. If your house has a minimalist style, then choose a table and chair model that is in line with that concept. You can use wood, as well as furniture that is designed in a simple and simple way. To complete the d├ęcor, place a vase of flowers on the table. Because the terrace of your house is next door to the garden, you don’t need to add too many accessories. Garden lights in white or yellow can be used to beautify your garden at night.

4. Additional Fish Pond Decorations

The sound of water accompanied by colorful fish that cheerfully slide in various directions becomes a soothing strain every step that crosses the garden in front of the house. Fish ponds also beautify the garden with stunning accents. It doesn’t need to be big, a small pond that resembles an aquarium near the terrace steps is enough to make the garden more beautiful.

Tips for Arranging a Minimalist Home Terrace Garden