Things to Pay Attention to When Designing a House

Things to Pay Attention to When Designing a House

Designing your own home will give you satisfaction and pleasure, which you will not get by sharing other jobs in this world. If you intend to do so, designing your own home is not impossible. But sometimes we are still confused and have not found a solution or steps that must be considered in designing / designing a house, therefore here we present and give you an overview of the things we need to pay attention to when starting to design a house, and determine the shape, color , room, and the layout of the house that we will build in order to realize a dream and comfortable home, here are some things to consider when designing a house:

1. Home Design Shapes

    • Number of Rooms

In building a design house, the number of rooms that we will build is very important, especially in adjusting to the shape and size of the land on which we will build a building. primary room / room that must exist in a house, such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

In a space of medium size and shape, we may be able to build additional rooms such as living rooms and warehouses. In a large land size we can add exterior to make our homes comfortable such as gardens, ponds, terraces, etc

    • Installation

We also really need to pay attention to the form of the installation in adjusting the shape of the house that we will build, such as installation of drainage irrigation, electricity, etc., we also don’t want guests to smell bad if we place the septic tank near the living room, or guests will be reluctant when we put the kitchen / bathroom, adjacent to the living room, etc.

2. Building Materials

We need to take into account and pay attention to building materials related to the house we are going to build, for example in a humid environment and unstable soil, we need cement and stone materials of higher quality, compared to a dry environment and stable soil, we also need to choose paint and paint materials. floors that are in accordance with environmental conditions, besides we need to pay attention to the building materials that we will build with environmental conditions and soil contours, we also need to take into account the building materials with the shape of the house that we will build, for the big picture, the use of cement and paint coating materials for the shape wide walls must be considered more than narrow and small walls, cement coating materials and exterior paint must also consider durability compared to the inside of the house. etc

3. Selection of paint and interior

After the design of shapes and materials has been perfect, the more important step we take in designing a dream house is the selection of paint colors and the type of interior that we will apply in each room and corner of our house, for the big picture of this design, such as what color will be we apply it to the outer color of our house and the color of the core room in our house such as the living room, for example, we must pay attention to the compatibility of the two colors and avoid striking or opposite color gradations, such as combining bright red on the outside and applying bright blue in the room.

Maybe for some people it can cause boredom to feel dizzy from looking at these colors, while for interior selection, we need to combine the interior with the shape of the house and the paint applied around it, for a safer step use soft colors in most decorations and paints, and add n a little solid color in certain strokes, such as trim and lamp decoration for example, it will provide a soft blend that is strong.

4. Placement of the exterior of the house

Exterior placement such as gardens, ponds to pet nests, is the next step that must be considered in the design of the house that we will build, namely we need to calculate and divide the space from the remaining land space that we have after the shape of the house is perfectly designed, in this case see We can get various kinds of examples of garden and pond designs from various social networks and search engines, of course, without limiting your expression of our respective art in designing a dream home.