These are the things to consider when making basements – Material Distributor Prices

These are the things to consider when making basements – Material Distributor Prices

Have you seen the movie The Hobbit? If you have, you must be familiar with the hobbits’ underground house. don’t get me wrong, now there are a lot of houses built underground. The construction of underground houses is one of the innovations in the construction world. Architects are also competing to create unique earthen house designs, you know! Even in some countries underground houses have been formed with unique and interesting designs.


Underground houses in Indonesia are not yet popular. But don’t get me wrong, in Indonesia there are already many rooms built underground. In Indonesia, houses that are occupied and are underground do not yet exist, but there are special rooms that are indeed built underground for certain places. The basement in Indonesia usually functions as a parking lot or warehouse. The basement or often called the basement has been widely used by the people of Indonesia. Basements are mostly built as parking lots such as those in hospitals, malls, shopping centers, apartments, hotels and others. Basement is also often used as a warehouse or as a place to store goods such as those in factories, restaurants and others. The basement is made due to limited availability of land. So a basement is made as an alternative to limited land.

Things that must be considered

To build a basement or basement, many things must be considered. Because the basement is the foundation for the building above it, the basement construction must be stronger than the building above it. There are 3 things that need to be considered in making a basement or basement. Namely as follows:

Matched line

In building a basement or basement house, one of the important things that must be considered is a commensurate line. Under the ground, of course, there are lots of pipes or cables that connect the electricity network or the flow of water underground. Do not let the basement that we make hit or hit the pipes or cables that are in the ground, because it will interfere with the electricity or water network.

Sturdy building construction

The basement or basement is definitely located underground. Because it is located underground, the basement becomes a buffer for the room above it. Therefore, the construction of the basement building must be sturdy, so that it can support the building above it. If the construction of the building is not strong and sturdy, later the building will surely sink to the ground. So make sure the building materials used are appropriate, so that the building construction for the basement is strong and sturdy to support the building above it.


Humidity in the basement is also important to note. Because it is located underground, the basement is rarely exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, the basement is also often in contact with soil and water because it is located underground. If left continuously over time the walls of the basement building will be porous. And cause the walls to crack and then crumble.

To prevent leaks on the walls, you can use a waterproofing¬† for nothing. This will make the walls coated, so they don’t leak.¬† has also been proven and reliable to prevent leakage or seepage. So your basement walls will definitely be safe.

In addition to using¬† you can also use waterproofing with a burning membrane. The function is the same, which is to coat the walls so they don’t leak. , no need to be confused. Nowadays, there are many places that provide fire membrane waterproofing services. So you don’t have to worry.

So those are some things to consider if you want to make a basement or basement. Hopefully this article is useful. Thanks.