The Right Way to Take Care of Indoor Ornamental Plants

The Right Way to Take Care of Indoor Ornamental Plants

In addition to presenting beauty, the happiness of indoor ornamental plants can also be used as a tool and a means of improving air quality. So that a more relaxed atmosphere will be created for the occupants of the house because of the fresh air that has been produced from these ornamental plants. But it needs to be understood, the maintenance techniques for indoor ornamental plants are very different from outdoor ornamental plants.

Can’t be watered too often

Indoor ornamental plants do not need to be watered every day. If the soil condition is still moist, this indicates that the water supply for the plant is still sufficient. So don’t water it, because this will actually cause decay. Watering is sufficient when the soil is dry. The best time to water indoor plants is early morning. The goal is that the water can absorb in all parts of the plant before evaporation occurs as a result of sun exposure.

Natural lighting intake

The best types of ornamental plants for interiors are plants that can survive in conditions of lack of sunlight. However, these plants still need natural lighting intake so that the growth process can run normally. For this reason, at least once every two weeks, it must be moved temporarily outside the room but must be placed in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. For example the terrace of the house or under a large outdoor garden tree.

Room temperature setting

Whatever the type, ornamental plants placed indoors always have a high risk of drying out due to the effect of decreasing temperature and humidity. Especially when the room is equipped with air conditioning. The best way to overcome this risk is to equip the plant pot with a special saucer or container filled with sand mixed with gravel and water. In addition, the arrangement of the plants must be close to each other.

Fertilizer use

Another thing that needs to be considered when caring for indoor ornamental plants is the application of fertilizer so that their nutritional needs can be met. The best type of nutrition for this ornamental plant is in the form of nitrogen so that the stems are stronger and maintain a balance of potassium intake. The application of this fertilizer is done at the beginning of the rainy season because at that time the ornamental plants will undergo an optimal growth process.

Change of planting medium

Replace the planting medium, especially when the conditions are too dry or otherwise too moist. These two types of conditions often result in the process of supplying nutrients not running smoothly. Choose a planting medium that contains more organic matter and can bind water intake more perfectly.