Ceiling or plasterboard is often moldy, especially if the roof of your house often leaks from rainwater. If the condition of your ceiling is still good and not badly damaged, don’t rush to replace it, in addition to requiring a more budget, you also have to provide time to find a handyman, and it costs more.

The following tips you can try to do to clean your moldy plasterboard or ceiling. moldy black spot on the ceiling


You can easily get white vinegar in supermarkets, there are two ways to clean mold, bacteria and viruses on your ceiling using vinegar. The first way is to mix it with a little water to reduce the unpleasant smell of vinegar. And the second way is without mixing it with water. Spray vinegar on the mold-affected ceiling area, and let it sit for a few hours, then clean it with a brush and wipe with a clean cloth. The pungent smell of vinegar takes time to get rid of it, you can drip essential oil to reduce the smell of the vinegar.

Tea tree oil

Tree tea oil is relatively more expensive than the first method. However, this method is effective and the aroma is not as strong as the smell of vinegar. This astringent smell will go away in a few days. How to use it, just mix 2 teaspoons with 2 cups of water, then you spray it on the ceiling or molding area affected by the fungus. Then let stand a few moments and wipe with a clean cloth. You can get Tree Tea Oil at pharmacies or some online shops

Hydrogen peroxide

The third method is to spray liquid hydrogen peroxide (3{58d142b6d504a9ddddfda0a578273c5334e6dc97adeda182b909801eac45338d} concentration) on the affected area of ​​​​the fungus and leave it for about 10 minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth to clean the attached fungus. a clean ceiling makes the house look more comfortable

Baking soda powder

How to clean mold on ceilings and other moldings is to use baking soda powder, mix baking soda powder with water or you can add vinegar. Spray on the affected area and then rub with a damp cloth all over the affected area.

Optimal care is needed to keep the ceiling area of ​​your home clean. Leaking roofs are often the cause of damage or the appearance of mold on the ceiling due to damp conditions. Always control the condition of your home because minor damage will be fatal and the condition will worsen if left unchecked.

The recipe for cleaning mold on the ceiling of your house