The mushrooming of housing sometimes makes finding your ideal modern house type even more difficult. However, in the midst of many variations in the design of your dream home, you can pay attention to other aspects beyond location, price and others: the type of house. Let’s take a look at the types of houses with different characteristics. You will get a new perspective on finding the right modern dream house type.

Modern Dream House Type

Technological developments encourage the emergence of modernization. Humans are becoming increasingly busy and want their lives to be easier, more practical and more comfortable. This also extends to the architectural style of the house. The type of modern dream house is in contrast to the traditional architectural model. Dream house design models and building concepts are simplified by emphasizing function so as to eliminate unnecessary details.

Dream house design like this emphasizes the concept and function of every room, furniture and construction. Buildings are more symmetrical and tend to be squares for flexible and easy arrangement of spaces and furniture. The physical type of modern dream house like this is also built using materials that are efficient and lightweight and easy to construct. Reinforced concrete, mild steel and modern bricks that are easy to assemble and assemble are examples. Sometimes it can look like building a Lego house or a children’s block toy.

These are the main features of the modern house. Industrialization encourages human thinking to create a more function-oriented home life by combining spatial design, form and construction. Practical and easy to maintain is the main goal of dream home design in the modern era.

Modern Dream House Type: Minimalist

The world of architecture evolves with the times. After the first modern houses appeared, in the early 1900s a group of architects emphasized the minimalist style as the ideal type of house. This thought arises because of the assumption that previous architectural styles were less than perfect due to wasteful construction costs, use of materials, arrangement and use of space as well as high maintenance costs.

Minimalist dream home design maximizes every aspect of exterior and interior development. Unnecessary ornaments, carvings or accessories from the old style are put aside for more efficient use giving them a space-saving and neat impression. Home maintenance has become easier. The construction of this type of modern dream house emphasizes the maximum function and use of building materials.

Some beliefs of minimalist dream house design followers besides “Ornament is a crime” are “Less is More” which adhere to the principle that a beautiful building will show itself through its simplicity. Minimalist dream home design considers squares and rectangles to show the physical expression of a cube-like building as the most efficient. In addition, this type of modern dream house also has a better function.

Some of the characteristics of a minimalist dream home design that stand out from an interior perspective:

There is almost no room divider or divider, both in the room area and in the kitchen, living room and others and creates an open air (open air) impression.

  •     Shows an attractive impression even though it is simple without a lot of room accessories
  •     The room seems more spacious and residents are free to move
  •     No carvings or ornaments on doors and windows
  •     The furniture arrangement looks symmetrical with a certain pattern, in harmony with the room
  •     The entire room in the house is square, there are no curves
  •     Plain room ceiling without ornament

Modern Dream House Type: Eco-Friendly

Modernization has an impact on the world view and architectural design that will become the standard for dream home design. Climate change and global warming are environmental problems that often arise and will be sustainable. It’s not just world leaders and environmental activists working to solve it, architects are adopting the same sustainable mindset.

Eco-friendly houses are a response from people who want to actively participate in protecting the environment. Eco-friendly homes are starting to get attention as the dream house designs that people are looking for. This modern dream house type takes care of all aspects of home design from construction, operation and maintenance to support the care of the surrounding environment. Sustainability is the key word.

This type of dream modern home reduces costs and damages the environment by recycling what can be reused. The design of the dream house is still considered in terms of aesthetics and design.

Let’s see what are the considerations in building an eco-friendly home, the type of your modern dream home.

  • Surrounding location – calculates the transportation distance according to the activities of the residents of the house so that it is cost effective and reduces pollution
  • Building directions and angles – pay attention to climate and hot sun direction to reduce the use of air conditioning
  • Use of building materials – when building using natural or recycled materials
  • Materials for walls – using materials that reduce scorching temperatures such as bricks
  • Materials for flooring – use natural materials such as wood and bamboo for certain rooms
  • Design – calculates the number of open spaces in the house to reduce construction costs
  • The spaces in the house – support the natural exit and entry of air and light without electricity
  • Window – size determines the area of ​​the wall (construction costs), lighting and heat which can be adjusted according to the use of the canopy
  • Roofs – installing green roofs that are environmentally friendly reduces electricity consumption in the house and regulates drains for recycling as washing water, toilets, plants, etc.
  • Solar panels – just one installation can generate electricity for 25 years
  • Lighting – uses LED technology that is cost-effective and lasts longer
  • Landscape – plant shade trees in the areas that receive the most heat, usually the west and south

After knowing the type of modern dream house that is available, which one will you choose? Determine based on your personal and family lifestyle and activities. Design your dream home to become a Home Sweet Home!

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