The Best Wall Decorations Recommended By Architects.

The Best Wall Decorations Recommended By Architects.

Wall decoration is one of the useful components to beautify the room. Materials for making wall hangings are quite varied, ranging from wood, paper, plastic, dried flowers and so on. You can choose materials and designs that match the theme of your room or home.

This time, we will review how to choose wall decorations for you. Not to forget, we will also recommend ten wall decoration products that are currently popular both in terms of price, design, and function. Also check out the comments from our architect, , to add to your insight. Happy reading!

What is meant by wall decoration?

Wall decoration is part of the interior that is displayed on the wall. With wall decoration, you can enjoy a variety of designs that beautify your walls. For example, the arrangement of photo frames in various sizes, various posters or wall stickers with unique designs, and so on.

Lately, wall decorations that can easily change the atmosphere of a room are becoming increasingly popular. There are various types of wall decoration materials, some are made of iron, acrylic, stickers, plastic, and others. By installing wall hangings, you can easily change the atmosphere of the room you want.

Wall decoration is a complementary element in the interior design of the room. Wall decorations can provide a reinforcing accent and determine the orientation of the room. We can mark the focal point of a room with contrasting wall decoration ornaments.

Wall decorations to complement the aesthetics of a corner of the room can also be complementary to a piece of furniture in our room. Make sure the wall decoration has the right dimensions and proportions for the room.

The attraction of using wall hangings

Like the interior, wall decoration or wall decor is able to attract the attention of people who see it. However, do you know what the appeal of this wall decoration is? Besides being easy to change the atmosphere of the room, here are some reasons why wall decorations are starting to be in great demand by the public.

Sticker type wall decoration does not damage the wall

Wall decorations in the form of photo frames or paintings are quite interesting, but these decorations will leave marks on the walls. For example, you have to make holes in the wall to attach nails to hang the frame.

Likewise, posters that are attached to the wall with adhesive, of course will leave marks when removed. On the other hand, if you use paint to draw directly on the wall, it will be difficult to clean later.

Unlike a photo or poster, a wall sticker will not damage the wall on which it is installed. Wall stickers have a specially designed adhesion. Installation is also quite easy, just stick it in the desired place without having to punch holes in the wall.

Another advantage of wall stickers is that they will not leave marks when removed. This makes it much in demand by people who live in rented or rented houses.

Make sure the sticker used is of good quality and the wall surface is not wet or dusty. If the wall is wet or moldy and the paint is chalky, the wall is not suitable for sticker-type wall decoration.

Wet walls must be repaired to dry by applying a waterproofing layer to the walls. In addition, you can repair the plaster and paint so that they are resistant to alkali or mildew that causes wet walls. Wall decoration stickers can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Wall hangings are easy to install

Wall decorations, both sticker type and three-dimensional, are very useful in creating a pleasant home atmosphere. The installation is very practical and easy for anyone to do. As with wall stickers that are simply affixed, so are three-dimensional wall decorations.

There are also antique metal wall hangings that you can mount on a wall or on a wooden door. With a little touch of decoration on the walls, the atmosphere of your room will appear different and become more alive.

Ease of installation is an important element in the selection of wall decoration. Also note whether the installation requires additional equipment. Additional equipment such as fisher bolts can make the decoration strong against the wall. Also pay attention when installing whether it is necessary to use a waterpass so that the decoration does not tilt and damage the aesthetics of the room.

Easy to buy at an affordable price

Currently, both sticker and three-dimensional wall decorations are available in a variety of pocket-friendly prices. Ranging from wall stickers costing thousands and tens of thousands to three-dimensional decorations made of iron or plastic for hundreds of thousands.

The amount of money you spend on wall hangings will be worth it because it is enough to install it once and it can last a long time. If one day you want to change the atmosphere of the room, you don’t need to worry too much because the price of wall decoration is quite affordable.

Collaborating with experts: How to choose wall decorations

Wall decoration has many advantages at an affordable price. So, wouldn’t you be interested in buying it? However, before deciding which wall decoration you will buy, there are things that need to be considered. With our tips, hopefully you can find the right choice.

Four things to consider in choosing wall decorations

First of all, it is very important to choose the size of the wall hanging according to the place where it will be placed. For sizes, you can see them directly in the product description because we will not discuss them here. Now, we will explain what things you need to pay attention to before buying wall hangings.

Choose wall stickers that are easy to put on and take off

The most important thing when choosing a wall sticker is the ease of attaching and removing it. If you have found a suitable design, make sure that the product you choose is easy to install or remove.

Usually there is a “can be removed” or “can be re-pasted” information label, but some are not given any information. So, make sure before buying it.

This needs to be considered to avoid wall stickers that are attached too tightly so that they damage the wall paint when they are about to be removed. Especially if you live in a rented or rented house, this should be considered carefully.

Choose three-dimensional wall hangings that have hook holes

For three-dimensional wall hangings, make sure there are hook holes for screw fixing. For products that do not have holes for screws, you will need to manually balance their positions and then screw or nail them.

If the material is plastic, it won’t be a problem because you can simply attach it by removing the adhesive behind it. However, for three-dimensional wall decorations made of iron or acrylic, it is necessary to have a hook so that it does not fall. This is what makes the presence of holes for screw installation very necessary.

For three-dimensional wall decoration, consider the length, width, and thickness before choosing the right one for your room. To give a better three-dimensional effect, don’t forget to adjust the light points to be directed to highlight the decoration. Thus, the texture and pattern play of the decoration will be seen.

In addition, spotlights will provide more contrast to highlight the wall decoration as the center of attraction of your room.

Choose a wall decoration that can be installed yourself

If you choose a wall decoration that can be installed by one person, it will be easy to change or move it at any time. Meanwhile, if you choose a sticker or wall decoration that is large, of course you will need the help of someone else when moving it.

Therefore, when you want to buy wall stickers, first make sure the overall size before deciding to buy. On the other hand, if you want to buy a three-dimensional wall decoration, also make sure the weight or weight first.

Wall hangings that can be installed alone give you the flexibility to be able to move to another place. You can also take it off when you are bored or want to change the atmosphere of the room. Thus, you can freely and save costs to organize the room. You do not need to call a builder to install and remove the decoration.

Choose wall decorations that match the wall material

The last thing to consider before choosing a wall decoration is the wall material itself. Walls that are easy to drill will certainly be easier to screw in. However, on the other hand there are also drawbacks, namely the wall decoration will easily fall off.

Meanwhile, walls with a layer of mortar will be difficult to screw in. So, before buying, make sure your room wall material matches the wall decoration that you will install.

Although the selected wall decoration has a strong adhesive glue, in certain wall materials there is a possibility that the product will peel off quickly. To prevent the wall decoration from peeling off easily, you can add double-sided tape for a stronger adhesive.

The consistency of decoration with the theme of your room needs to be maintained if you want to decorate the room with wall decorations so that the aesthetics of the room is maintained. You can use decorative materials that contrast with the wall material to be decorated.

If you want the decoration to be the center of attraction of your room, choose a material that provides contrast. For example, if the walls of your room have a brick pattern that looks warm, choose decorations made of iron or glass that are cold.

However, if you only want to give a certain accent, wall decorations can be adjusted to the color or texture of the furniture in your room. The furniture includes carpets, sofas, or tables.