If you think the carpet is just a base on the floor, then immediately throw that thought away. Because this floor coating can also be used to make the interior of the house beautiful if it is arranged properly. In this case, the carpet can act as a decorative element.

Usually, stewards introduce carpets for floor mats with various alibis. For example, so that the floor is not slippery when exposed to water, covers the damage to the floor, and avoids the cold from the floor. Not only that, soft carpets can give a warm and safe impression to the room. Not only that, the carpet is also useful when having a baby, because it is more protected.

In addition, the carpet can also be used as a tool to make the house beautiful. Although it certainly ignores its main use as a base. With this in mind, there are several things you can try if you want to decorate your home with carpets.

Carpet specifications

Carpet as a make-up element has several requirements that must be observed starting from the selection of materials, shapes, models, dimensions, and motifs that are suitable for use. This step needs to be tried so that the house is free from the impression of being stuffy, small, and shabby with the arrival of carpet.

Then which rooms are suitable for carpeting?

Carpets should be placed in dry areas such as living rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. In addition, nylon carpets are very suitable for covering the living room and family room areas, because they are easy to clean from dirt and food stains. If making the arrangement of the carpet can be placed at the base of the chair.

Carpet sourced from materials

Soft carpets are more suitable for use in the bedroom considering that comfort is important for this area. Carpets can be placed in front of the bed zone. The sensation of stepping on a soft mat will help refresh your morning atmosphere.

If you choose a carpet made of wool, it would be better if it is placed in an area that is not used often. Given the thick carpet tends to be difficult to clean.

Dust alert

Also keep in mind that you don’t cover all floor surfaces with carpet. The alibi of cleanliness is the main thing. Keep in mind the carpet is a nesting place for dust, so if all floors are covered with carpet it takes extra time to clean it. However, if you want to install carpet in certain areas, prioritize use.

Use a carpet in an area that is often used as a place to stand or do activities such as a landline area. When calling takes a long time, it’s not safe if the floor arrives very long.

Another zone that can be added a carpet is a walk in closet. When it is located in the room for a long time, a soft carpet will make your feet safe.

Motive or plain?

Regarding the choice of plain or patterned carpet, it depends on the atmosphere of the room that the home owner wants to stick out. For example, if your bedroom is plainly painted, then you should use a patterned rug to give a certain impression to the room.

Another example, homeowners can match the color of the carpet with the color of the furniture, or plan to make it different to provide a contrasting effect between the furniture and the carpet.

Sorting & Arranging Carpets to Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable