So that the flowers don’t wither, check out these ways to save fresh flowers

So that the flowers don’t wither, check out these ways to save fresh flowers

Decorating the room of the house with fresh flowers must be very fun. The colors and the charm of flowers will make the room more lively, the fragrance can be smelled everywhere. But unfortunately, often fresh flowers are not durable and easily wither. Of course there are ways to save fresh flowers so that they last longer, here are tips that you can try.

Place in a clean container

Prepare a clean container or flower vase. The presence of microorganisms in a container that is not clean actually triggers decay in flowers. Better, choose a container with a wide neck so that the stems are not too tight.

Use warm water

Put warm water in a container that has been prepared to put flower arrangements. Warm water molecules will be absorbed more quickly when the flower loses moisture.

Store at room temperature

Put the flowers at normal room temperature. Don’t put it in the refrigerator, some people think that storing flowers will last longer if they are placed in the refrigerator. This will actually trigger flower decay faster and will easily wither when the flowers are placed in a normal room. Also avoid air-conditioned rooms, because the air conditioner will dry the air and can shorten the life of your flowers.

Cut the flower stem obliquely with a sharp knife

The next way to keep fresh flowers durable is to cut the stems at an angle. This is intended to expand the stem in absorbing water.

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Keep away from direct sunlight

Put flowers near the door or window? It’s fine as long as you pay attention to whether your flowers are exposed to direct sunlight or not. Because certain flowers are very sensitive to sunlight. It’s a shame not if the flower has to wither in a day.

Change the water regularly

Have your flower arrangements neatly arranged in a vase? Don’t forget to be diligent in changing the water every day and change the vase if necessary. Stagnant water is easily used by bacteria, fungi and algae to nest and reproduce. In addition to plain water, you can also use food ingredients such as vinegar, sugar or lemon to make the flowers last longer.

Keep away from fruits

Putting flowers close to fruit on the dining table you should avoid. Fruits emit ethylene gas which can speed up the process of flower decay, so it’s best to keep your beautiful flowers away from fruit.

Pay attention to the leaves and stems every day and don’t spray water

Is there a part of the leaf starting to dry? It’s best to cut it with scissors so that your flower arrangement still looks beautiful. Cut and discard stems that look wilted or dry, as this will affect the condition of your fresh flowers. Get rid of flowers that have withered because it will have an effect on other flowers.

Use flower preservative

Just a little bit you mix one of these ingredients with warm clean water. The size is 2 tablespoons with 1 liter of water. Or if you don’t want to bother, you can buy flower preservatives at flower shops.

How to keep fresh flowers long lasting with hydrogel

To beautify your appearance, you can also use hydrogel, which is a colorful crystal-shaped sphere that is able to absorb and release water. This hydrogel functions as a reserve of water and nutrients in plants so that they can make flowers last longer.

That’s how to save long-lasting fresh flowers that you can apply, so don’t hesitate to decorate your room with fresh flowers. It turns out that the method is not difficult, it only takes perseverance and thoroughness in maintaining the freshness of fresh flowers.