Simple Minimalist Home Garden Ideas For You

Simple Minimalist Home Garden Ideas For You

A simple, beautiful and modern minimalist home garden is certainly the dream of every home owner. Besides the style is a reflection of the character of the home owner, a well-groomed garden also beautifies the house as a whole. It can even increase the price of the hospital if it is sold.

The following simple minimalist home garden ideas might be your reference for arranging a garden for your home. It doesn’t matter whether your house is classified as a luxury or simple house. You just need to adjust to the area of ​​the garden or the situation in the space around your home environment.

A home garden filled with plants can also make the residents of the house healthy. This is because one of the benefits of plants is that they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day. In this way, we also contribute to climate change. Do not believe? Read the article on the benefits of trees for humans for an overview. However, don’t put too many plants in the house. At night the plants release CO gas or carbon dioxide for respiration. Plants take up most of the Carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen during the day (photosynthesis). At night, plants take in oxygen and release CO2 for respiration. Carbon dioxide is a dangerous chemical that is very dangerous for humans.

The following picture of a minimalist home garden is an example or idea that might be suitable for arranging the garden of your home page.

Minimalist house with a large yard in the village

Houses in villages usually have a large yard. Usually, the house is built in the middle of the land. With a small house in the middle, try planting a garden around the house with a variety of flowers. Placing guest chairs on the terrace or yard will also add to the beauty of the home page. The image below is one example.

Minimalist house in the city

For a minimalist house in a city, it is very rare to have a large yard. Try to plant a few trees, for example palms. Then, try adding a mini pool and a white rocky path in the garden. This will certainly create a natural atmosphere. By creating a garden in front of your house that is in harmony with the environment, you are also practicing environmentally friendly ways.

Garden themed backyard garden

If your house has a large yard and likes gardening, there’s nothing wrong with turning your front or back garden into a living garden or pharmacy. Try growing vegetables or medicinal plants, for example ginger, spinach. Besides being able to use it for medicine, you can enjoy vegetables for free through the garden at home. Just adjust it to the area of ​​land and type of plant. Only plants become big trees and shrubs.

Providing boundaries or plots for each type of crop will add to the neatness. Besides beautifying the house, vegetables and medicinal plants can also be useful, you know. For example, red ginger, which you can harvest periodically and drink to catch a cold.

If your house has enough remaining land, you can also add a back or side yard with a garden and lounge chairs. This chair can be used to entertain friends, relatives, relatives. Even a place to joke with family. Apart from getting fresh air and atmosphere, open space will relieve fatigue and boredom. If you want, you can also work here while drinking coffee in the morning or evening.

Can the garden idea be applied to the reader’s house? If not, maybe you can apply some of the ideas for styling your home page below.

The garden in a luxurious and simple house basically has the same principle. It’s just that the factor of concept selection, price and quality of materials for the garden will greatly influence the final result. In this section, we will show you some garden ideas for luxury homes. However, the following garden yard is more suitable if you have sufficient land area. So that the area between the yard and the house will look proportional. Don’t force a garden that will drown the look of your house.

The back garden as a place to relax

The garden behind the house can be placed several sofas as a place to relax. If you want, combine it with a calm colored paint like ivory or cream. It will perfectly match the green of the plant or natural stone. See the following image for an example.

The garden behind the house can also be equipped with a mini pool if you have more funds. Fill the pond with colorful fish, such as goldfish or tilapia. When you need to get out of work fatigue, this will really help refresh your mind.

On the garden floor, cover it with real grass or grass rugs. Also add white pebbles to separate out the bold gradations. Accentuate natural colors as much as possible so that the impression of a luxurious and natural lifestyle will match.

Luxury garden in front of the house

If your luxury home has a large enough garden, a combination of plants such as grass, white gravel, natural stone, must be an option. This is especially true when combined with tall plants such as palms or cypresses. This will give the impression of being luxurious and elegant.

The contours of your garden in front of your house are not flat? Dont worry. It is not an obstacle if you want to keep a beautiful front garden. Precisely by arranging it in such a way, your house has advantages over houses that are built on flat land. The image below is an example.

By making certain slopes by taking advantage of the slope of the ground, it can create terraced gardens. This will create another dimensional atmosphere when walking into the house. Like going to the forbidden palace in China, right?

That’s a home garden idea that you can apply. If you have other simple garden ideas, please write them down in the comments section below. If you find our environmental article useful, please share it. We really appreciate and welcome your input. Happy gardening!