The lack of land and the high price of houses and land, requires many people to make a level house model with a simple design. This type of simple level house is suitable for families, because the function of the room can grow as the number of family members increases. Even though the land area is limited, you can still build a simple level house. Here is an inspiration for a simple level house model that is comfortable for families:

1. Multipurpose Room without partition

House Model

Every family definitely needs a common room that can accommodate all the needs of household members. Of course, you also need space to welcome friends or relatives who visit. For that, you should provide a multipurpose special room that can be used for various joint activities. You can make this multipurpose room in the middle of the house without using a partition so that the room looks more spacious and not cramped. To make the room more comfortable, add carpets, comfortable chairs or sofas, small tables, and other furniture as needed. That way, all family members will feel comfortable because the room can meet all their needs.

2. Split Level House

Houses with this concept are usually designed with each floor being interdependent. In general, there will be two short stairs connecting two floors with different level heights. Differences in floor levels but not actually on different floor levels are the main characteristic of a split level house. A terraced house with a split level concept will provide a more spacious and open atmosphere. This method can also make the atmosphere of the house seem more homey. Its open nature also allows air circulation and light in the room to flow more optimally.

3. House with Indoor Garden

A house with a limited area tends to give the impression of being cramped and cramped. To overcome this, you can create an indoor garden in the middle of the room. Having an indoor garden can provide many advantages, green plants can make the atmosphere of the room cooler and fresher. Not only that, the visual aspect that is displayed from the plants in the house can also make the house look more beautiful and beautiful. The presence of plants can also improve air circulation in your home.

4. Houses with Openings

To make it seem more spacious, one level house model that you can try is a terraced design dominated by large openings. Not only does it give a broad impression, maximum openings will also provide air circulation and good natural lighting. Good air ventilation will make the house healthier, while minimizing energy use which can add to your spending budget. For privacy, you can add curtains or blinds to the openings. In addition, you should make openings in the part of the house that faces the garden or an attractive view. Avoid large openings on the side facing the sun directly because it will make the house feel hot and dazzling.

Simple Level House Model Inspiration for Families