Minimalist gardens have a simple and simple form, but still interesting to look at. Currently, more and more homeowners are implementing this garden design because of the easier arrangement. It doesn’t take too long to take care of it.

This minimalist garden concept is suitable for small and large pages, you know! Interested in transforming the garden in your home in this style? There are several examples of design drawings that you can copy.

Minimalist Home Garden

Minimalist garden has two meanings. The first definition, namely a garden that is really designed with a minimalist concept. Meanwhile, the second is, a garden in a minimalist house, aka the types of small houses that are now.

For those of you who have a minimalist small house, it might be quite a headache to arrange it because of its narrow size. But, with the right selection of grass, ornamental plants of the right size, plus sweet decorative accents, the garden can still look beautiful.

Minimalist Home Garden Decoration

Usually, a small garden in a minimalist house is covered with green grass. However, if the grass does not grow well, you can replace it with a garden with stone accents. Use a variety of stones to bring dynamism to the garden.

For example, you can see in the picture of a beautiful little garden above. So that there are shades of green, just place some various ornamental plants. Give the garden lights too so that the appearance remains attractive even at night.

Relaxing Garden

Next, we will discuss the garden with the concept of a minimalist arrangement, let’s go! The example of the garden design image above is located at the back of the house. Neat and also not a lot of decoration right? Relaxing in the afternoon while unwinding becomes even more comfortable if you do it here.

Simple Minimalist Garden

You can design the garden behind the house to relax using ceramic or natural stone floors. That way, the area is not easily dirty. Also add a simple long bench in that place. Do not forget, interspersed with other green plants, yes!

Warm Garden Fireplace

A minimalist garden behind the house, you can design according to taste, really. As long as the elements in it still exude simplicity and also don’t look complicated. For example, a garden with a fireplace like the one above

The garden looks simple, but looks so inviting. There is a green area, there is also a gray area where you can sit and warm yourself by the fireplace. You can also cook while you’re in this park. It’s great right?

Sun Park

Not only can you be designed flexibly, you can also use your home garden for various purposes. For example, if you like to sunbathe in the morning, just place a recliner in the area. So that it is not too hot, complete the garden with leafy trees.

Add it with a fish pond with a waterfall? Super interesting idea! The relaxed atmosphere will definitely feel more serene because of the presence of the sound of gurgling water. The water element itself can give a fresh feel to the garden.

Big Minimalist Garden

A backyard that is large enough will look really neat if it carries the concept of a minimalist garden. The green area in the park can be used as a field as well as absorption land. While on the sides it can be used to sit back or have a party with the family.

Simple and Beautiful Minimalist Garden Designs