Recommended Tools for Home Gardening

Recommended Tools for Home Gardening

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Besides making the house look beautiful, green, and cool, gardening in the yard can also be a fun me-time. Gardening activities create a sense of relaxation and calm. Any plant suitable to be planted in the yard of the house as long as it is adjusted to the area of ​​the yard. If the area of ​​the yard does not allow planting large fruit trees, we can use pots.

Many people think gardening must have talent. However, this is not entirely true. If you’ve ever planted a garden and then the plant died, try to remember why. Because, there are several plants that require special conditions. These conditions include place, humidity, water supply, as well as protection from pests. Don’t hesitate to start gardening in the yard. Start with plants that are easy and we like. Make planting activity not as a burden, but as entertainment.

Easy Grow Gardening

Not only when cooking, aprons are also needed when gardening so that clothes are not exposed to the soil. The soil will stain even when you wash it. The garden apron is not much different from the cooking apron. There is a rope to hang it around the neck, then the side straps are tied behind the waist. The difference is, gardening aprons are thick, not easily torn, and are equipped with several front pockets for storing tools. So, this apron will make it easier for us when gardening.

This front pocket can hold a small shovel, shears and gloves. Some garden aprons have waterproof ingredients. Using an apron when gardening also adds to the enthusiasm for gardening, you know. Free from the fear of dirty clothes and keep your appearance stylish!

Waterproof gloves and thick material

The use of gloves when gardening serves to protect the hands. With it, your hands are protected from dirt, scratches from twigs or plant thorns, as well as insect bites. There are planting media sold in the market consisting of a mixture of soil, husks, and manure (manure). The use of gloves also functions so that there is no manure dirt on the nails.

In certain circumstances, using your hands to plant or compact the growing medium is more effective than using a gardening shovel, especially when planting in pots. Garden gloves are generally waterproof material with a rough cloth surface. Some products have rubber or plastic nails so they can be used for digging in the ground.

Gardenia Pot Flush

The Claris brand of flower sprinkles is made of thick and sturdy plastic material, and is not easily broken. Ergonomic shape with handle and long neck for pouring. A special bucket for watering plants makes it easier for us to water plants, especially plants that are placed in pots on the terrace of the house. With it, water doesn’t spill everywhere.

Children also like to be invited to water when using the flower watering bowl. I didn’t worry about the water spilling and causing the floor to become slippery. There are several sizes of flower water basins, namely 3 liters and 5 liters. We can choose according to the needs and at least the plants we have.

Disinfectant Pressure Sprayer

This spray bottle is equipped with a nozzle which functions to adjust the strength of the spray and the desired way of spraying. It can shoot in all directions or in one direction. The way to use this sprayer is to pump the top part by pulling it several times, then press the spray on the handle of the bottle. The spray force regulating nozzle is located at the end of the nozzle and can be adjusted by rotating it.

Spray bottles are generally used to spray fertilizer or pests on plants. That way, the use of fertilizers or anti-pests is more effective and evenly distributed on plants. Some plants such as aglaonema or orchid moon are recommended to be watered using a sprayer bottle. Because, this plant should not be too wet because it can cause rotting plants. Kyokan sprayer bottles come in several sizes. Adjust the size that we buy as needed. For gardening on the terrace of the house, 1 liter is sufficient.

Multifunctional Garden Tools

These small garden rakes and shovels are sold in one package. My advice, you should buy a product that is a package like this. Each has different and complementary uses. The shovel serves to plant or move the plants we just bought into the pots or holes that we have made and flatten them.

A garden fork looks like an ordinary fork. Its function is to collect dry leaves and trash around the plant. Whereas hoes are useful for digging large amounts of soil and making deep holes, for example for planting trees. Hoes can also be used to remove weeds. With one hoe, the grass will be torn off until the roots don’t grow again.

When buying a garden tool, it’s best to choose one that’s thick and sturdy. Tools made of iron or stainless steel are not broken and strong enough when used to cultivate the soil. The price may be more expensive, but durable.

Fruit Fertilizer

What fertilizers are needed for plants? This depends on the goal. There is fertilizer to stimulate the growth of flowers and fruit, and there is also to fertilize the leaves. Foliar fertilizers are generally used for ornamental plants with beautiful leaves, such as aglaonema. There is also vitamin B1 for growth which is used for plants that are still in the nursery stage or have just been transplanted and planted.

So, you should adjust the fertilizer as needed. Make sure you read the specifications and how to use them on the fertilizer label. This is because excessive dosages will stress plants and waste fertilizers. Meanwhile, fertilizers will be ineffective if too little. The specifications for the Grow More brand of fertilizer can be distinguished by the color of the packaging and the content of phosphorus and nitrogen.

Nitrogen functions to help vegetative growth, especially leaves. Phosphorus helps root and shoot growth. Meanwhile, potassium helps flowering and fertilization. If the K value in the package is greater, it means its function is to stimulate flower or fruit growth. Since I garden flowers, the fertilizer I use is Grow More 6-30-30.

Fukuda Garden Shears

Plant scissors function to trim or flatten leaves, branches, plant branches, or cut the flowers we want. It is also best to trim rotten or diseased parts of the plant so that they do not infect other parts of the plant. While this job can be replaced by the hand by breaking it, breaking it by hand will stress the plant. This is because the fracture or wound on the plant is larger and irregular.

Gardening scissors make work easier when gardening. Garden shears can also be used to cut saplings when they are separated from their mother and remove overgrown roots. Choose gardening shears with curved shapes to make it easy to cut branches and branches. Then, shears are not the same as grass shears. The grass clippers are straight and long. So, don’t get confused.