Recommendations for Fence Plants to Make Homes More Beautiful

Recommendations for Fence Plants to Make Homes More Beautiful

Living plant fences not only make the house look more beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. If Papa is looking for fence plant inspiration, here are some recommendations that are right for you.

Currently, the concept of a house fence with a back to nature theme has many enthusiasts. Therefore, the use of plants as natural fences is not only environmentally friendly, but also makes the exterior of the house look more attractive. The following are recommendations for hedge plants that can make the house look more beautiful.

Bamboo fence


Not only good according to feng shui, the use of bamboo as a fence plant also provides its own advantages in terms of maintenance. The inclusion of bamboo as a hedge plant recommendation because of its sturdy shape and lack of maintenance.

Bamboo is able to bring a rustic feel to the yard, so it makes the house seem more beautiful. There are several types of bamboo that we can use as fence plants, including yellow bamboo, Japanese bamboo, or water bamboo.

But the most popular is the yellow bamboo fence plant. The bright color of the stems can create a cheerful effect for our home environment, you know.


This hedgehog recommendation is guaranteed to give a beautiful impression at home. The reason is that tea-tea is often used as a hedge in the countryside. This plant, which at first glance looks like a tea tree, belongs to the category of shrubs.

In order to make the shape more beautiful, we must be diligent in trimming the tea stems regularly. Tea-tea treatment is very easy to be recommended for busy people. This plant is enough to be watered regularly without the need for fertilization.

English Ivy

As the name implies, this plant used to decorate the walls of old castles in Europe, especially in England. English Ivy is an ornamental plant with vines or creepers.

English Ivy is suitable to be placed on the wall of the house fence because it can grow vines covering the surface of the wall or fence. The unique leaf shape can also make the walls of the house an instagramable photo spot, you know.

This hedge plant recommendation is suitable for those who want to bring natural elements to the fence, but still need wall elements for strength.

Not only beautiful, English Ivy care is also very easy. We just need to plant it on one side and let it spread throughout the fence. This plant will spread quickly so that it fills the fence in just a few weeks.

American Holly

Even though the name sounds foreign, this plant is actually the most recommended to be used as a living hedge. this hedge plant is quite common. The physical characteristic of American Holly is its shape that resembles a spruce with green leaves.

Usually American Holly grows to a height of 10-20 meters. The care of this plant is also very easy and simple, just by regular watering and fertilizing. A fairly difficult phase in the care of American Holly is pruning, which must be done regularly so that it does not fall apart and remains beautiful.

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Soka flower

This plant with beautiful flowers is usually found in rural houses in Java. The plant, scientifically named Ixora javanica, has a characteristic flower with red-orange color in the form of needles and clusters.

The need for high lighting makes the soka flower suitable as a living hedge plant. Not only beautiful flowers, soka flowers can also grow up to 120 cm. How to care for soka flowers is very easy. We just need to do regular pruning, watering, and fertilizing.


In addition to soka flowers, hibiscus flowers are included as flowering plants that are suitable for living hedges. The advantage of hibiscus flowers is that they are easy to care for, and do not require special propagation media to grow.

Hibiscus flowers can grow by simply watering them daily and cutting them when the plant becomes irregular. When flowering simultaneously this plant will make the home page more beautiful.

Every now and then don’t forget to fertilize the hibiscus flower with manure or compost to make it more fertile,