Have you ever seen an ad for a house for sale but it’s in bad shape? Of course there is no intention to buy it. Never mind buying, just looking at the unit is already reluctant. Make sure you do renovations on the house that will be sold. You can repaint the exterior and interior of the house. Make sure you also repair other details such as ceramics so that nothing is broken and the roof so that nothing leaks. This detail attracts the attention of potential buyers. Make sure you do renovations to beautify the condition of the house. If the house to be sold is physically “severely damaged”, you should sell the property at a discounted price. In general, a house with a “severely damaged” condition is only valued for land. That’s because prospective buyers have to rebuild the house.

Determine Fair Price

Make sure you give your property a fair price. Often property owners make mark-ups on prices in the hope that potential buyers can negotiate according to market values. This strategy actually backfired for property owners. Prospective consumers will be reluctant to contact the seller because the price offered is already above the market price. It would be better, you still sell at the market price so that it attracts potential buyers.

Sell ​​Below Market Price

Selling property below the market price can make your house or apartment sell quickly. Usually property owners will sell their property below market price if there is an urgent need or in need of money (BU). This strategy is often successful in bringing in potential buyers. Make sure the price offered is not too far from the market price so as not to cause suspicion or concern for potential buyers.

Sell ​​at the Right Time

Selling property at the right time also causes your property to sell faster. Just like buying property, selling property has a time. Currently it is buyer’s time because property prices are experiencing a decline. If you sell the property at this time, then you will lose a lot if the property price rises to seller’s time. It’s best if you sell your property when it’s booming.

You should also pay attention to times such as holidays. Selling property during the holidays is also a bad time. The focus of the community at the time of the holiday is the holiday or preparing for the needs of the holiday. Not looking for a house. It’s the same as selling property in the months that coincide with school entry.

You are also not advised to sell the house when the weather is bad. Selling property in the rainy season will make your property unsold. Similarly, if you sell property after a natural disaster. Prospective buyers will feel “lazy” to travel because of the unfavorable situation.

Sell ​​Your Property Online on Weekends

Offering properties online on the weekends is the right thing to do. Advertising property in print media is out of date. In the digital era, everything can be done online through gadgets. Keep in mind that potential buyers see more online ads on the weekends. For that, make sure you sell your property online on the weekends.

Use Latest and High Quality Property Photos

This sometimes goes unnoticed. It is very important to advertise a property with a recent photo of the property to show its actual condition. Low-quality photos also discourage potential buyers. Potential buyers cannot clearly see the condition of the property and are impressed that the property advertisement is an old listing that has not been sold. Make property photos a good first impression for potential buyers.

Use the Services of a Property Agent

Using the services of a property agent is the right way for those of you who have never sold property. The property agent will give you direction on how to sell a property that is good and right. You will also be calmer because all property buying and selling processes from showing, negotiation and various processes at the notary will be assisted by property agents. Indeed, if you use the services of a property agent, you have to give a fairly large commission. Make sure you choose a professional property agent to avoid scams. See tips for choosing a real estate agent.

Quick Ways to Sell Your Property