Protecting the Terrace from the Rain? Check Out These 5 Tips!

Protecting the Terrace from the Rain? Check Out These 5 Tips!

Rain that falls indefinitely makes your residential terrace often wet.

Especially if your terrace is adjacent to the garden, the stagnant water becomes dirty and makes your terrace look less well-maintained.

Given that it will still rain at least until the end of March, here are tips to protect the terrace from rainwater.

Use Canopy

So that the terrace is not dirty every time it rains, use a canopy so that rainwater does not directly hit the terrace. Canopies can also be used to protect the terrace from excess sunlight.

To be more protected from tempias, add a canopy length of at least 2-3 meters from the end of the terrace with a downward slope of about 45 degrees so that the water that falls does not hit the terrace.

Apply Gutters

Using the roof alone is actually not enough. Water that drips on the roof for a long time can make the frame or canopy legs rust or rot.

The trick is to apply water lines on the edges of the roof or use gutters that are directly connected to the gutter, so that no more water drips anywhere.

Use Blinds

Outdoor blinds or what can be known as layer blinds are a type of curtain with various materials that can be rolled up.

The blinds can not only be used to maintain privacy, they can also be used to block rainwater from falling.

For a natural impression, you can use blinds made of bamboo, but there are also modern blinds made of cotton that can be rolled using a machine.

Use the Secondary Skin Panel

If you want your home to look more modern, secondary skin panels can be used to cover your terrace.

Secondary skin panels have various functions, ranging from protecting the privacy of residents, minimizing excess sunlight, to blocking rainwater from falling.

However, unlike blinds that can be rolled up or opened, secondary skin panels are usually permanent and cannot be changed.

Use Stones Around the Terrace

To minimize rainwater spilling onto the terrace, apply a series of river stones around the terrace or dwelling.

The series of stones not only muffle the rain that falls, the stones that coat the ground also prevent the spilled water from becoming dirty.