Presenting a Beautiful Garden in a Minimalist Home

Presenting a Beautiful Garden in a Minimalist Home

The existence of a beautiful garden in a house is very helpful in creating a beautiful, cool and comfortable home. Moreover, the house is a minimalist style house which is always synonymous with playing concrete and iron ornaments. The rigidity of this minimalist home model can be balanced by presenting a beautiful garden in it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor garden. And especially for a garden in a minimalist home, of course this is very interesting to present and in fact this is rarely done by homeowners. Here’s how to present a beautiful garden in a minimalist home:

Determine the Place Where Will Be Made

Beautiful Garden

Consider every corner of your home as a place where the garden will be created. Choose a room corner that is in a public space area such as the family room and dining room. This place is perfect for the existence. After you decide, choose the one that really fits and can be seen from various places.

Budget Existing Costs

To create a garden in a minimalist home, however, requires costs such as buying materials such as cement, sand, natural stone and plants. Also for artisan wages. But you don’t need to worry, because the cost can be reduced by doing it yourself. Actually, your minimalist garden can be done alone that day. It doesn’t need to be done in one day, because this is without a target, but the results obtained will be very satisfying.

Create a Garden Pattern

Make a mark on the floor in the form of a field line where the size of the garden will be done with a marker or pencil. To sketch your design pattern, you don’t need to ask an architect to design it. You yourself can really do it. Take a piece of paper. Make sketches with a pencil. Imagine the garden design pattern to your liking. You don’t need to worry about the bad results, because later you will learn by yourself and feel which ones are appropriate and which look more beautiful to present.

Give Security to the Garden

So that above the garden in your minimalist home is safe and cannot be entered by people, make iron bars on it . You cannot work with these iron bars, they must be placed in a welding shop or in a workshop where fences are made. With these iron bars, even though your beautiful garden is inside the house, the security is maintained and no one can enter from the outside.