Knowing the type of roof that is not hot is quite important, especially for people who live in tropical countries. Because that way, the residence feels cooler and more comfortable to live in.

The roof or so-called tile, serves to block the hot sun, as well as heavy rain into the room.

Because the task is quite vital, how to choose a roof for housing should not be arbitrary. The reason is, each roof is made with different materials and types. If you choose the wrong one, it is not impossible that the material will actually give a hot and stifling effect into the room.

In general, there are seven types of roofs that are not hot, which you can get easily on the market.

The price of each of these roofs varies, depending on the material used.

Even so, that does not mean the high price guarantees the quality of the roof, yes.

It’s good if you choose the right roof, according to the function, use, and shape of the roof of the house.

Clay Roof

Of course, you are familiar with the clay roof, right?

Besides being widely used by Indonesian people, this type of roof is effective in preventing hot air from entering the room, you know.

Because it is quite in demand, you can find clay roofs easily on the market.

The choice of colors and prices for the roof is also quite diverse. Clay roofs are economical and resistant to all weather.

Metal Roof

In addition to clay roofs, the next type of roof that does not heat up is metal roofing.

This roofing material is also quite popular in the community, many people buy metal roofs because of their varied shapes. The roof is fairly easy to apply, and fits a variety of styles. In addition, the type of roof made of metal is claimed to be resistant to all weather and is classified as anti-rust.

Ceramic Roof

Want to have a roof with a shiny appearance and not hot? Ceramic roofing material is the solution. This roof is indeed very stylish, so it is suitable to be applied to modern dwellings.

In addition, another advantage that ceramic roofs have is that they can be used for a long time. Ceramic material itself is considered environmentally friendly, so it is safe to use in residential areas.

Roof Shingles or Ironwood

A shingle roof or roof made of ironwood is a type of roof originating from Indonesia. This roofing material is considered eco-friendly and is often used in traditional houses, pavilions, gazebos and others.

Although it has several drawbacks in terms of maintenance, price, and durability, shingle roofs are a type of roof that is not hot and aesthetically used in contemporary dwellings.

Concrete Roof

The problem of strength, concrete roofing material certainly does not need to be doubted. In addition to being effective against heat, concrete-based roofs are also claimed to be weatherproof, burnt, and strong against insect attacks. Despite having a myriad of advantages, unfortunately the price of concrete roofs is quite high compared to other types of roofs. So, you need to spend quite a bit to buy the “luxury” roof.


Even though they are both made of plastic, uPVC roofs are claimed to be more durable, strong in all weathers, and not flammable. In addition to these advantages, uPVC roofing material is also effective in preventing the seepage of hot air.

In fact, some of its variants are equipped with UV protection, which can isolate the sun’s heat, you know.

Asphalt Roof

Finally, the type of roof that is not hot is a roof made of asphalt. The type of asphalt roof, also known as bitumen, is on the rise. Many people choose this type of roof because of its durability. In addition to being effective at dissipating heat, bitumen roofs also function as sound absorbers.

For residential areas located on the side of the road, this roof is perfect for reducing vehicle noise. Well, those were some types of roofs that are not hot, which you can apply to building houses.

Powerful to banish heat, these are 7 types of roofs that are not hot