Plants Suitable for the Highlands

Plants Suitable for the Highlands

Plants Suitable for Highlands – The shape of the face of the earth is certainly not flat. This is a fact that needs to be known for all humans on Earth. Not only can we learn with a lot of theory at school, but with this lesson we can also learn in our daily life, how we see on Earth with its many kinds of characteristics.

When living life on Earth, it is wrong of course if we only see land that is only flat. Even in the environment we live in, there are differences in altitude levels which are certainly not the same. Not to mention if we take a walk and encounter various kinds of swamps, lakes, seas and mountains.

This is what proves that the Earth and its surface are not flat. In addition, if we watch a television broadcast that can show impressions about geographical conditions in foreign countries, we can also see things that we cannot find in our own country, such as snowy mountains in the tropics, and so on. This finally strengthens the evidence that the Earth has a different surface shape.
Geographical Circumstances
The altitude of the land is part of one and the other in different things. This shows that Indonesia has many different geographies. Because the characteristics of the place that will be an influence on customs, culture, and the plants that have grown will also be very different from one another.

Some parts of the natural appearance in Indonesia, namely, in the form of beaches, highlands, lowlands, mountains, and mountains. This time we will discuss about one of the natural features that exist in Indonesia. Then in the section on the types of natural features in Indonesia, so that we will discuss in this article, namely the highlands.

Definition of the Highlands

The existence of the highlands is increasingly easy to find because there are many people who talk about the beauty of the area in the highlands, so that it is suitable to be used as a tourist place.

The plateau or what is known as the Plateau or Plato is a plain located at an altitude of above 700 m above sea level. This plateau is formed as a result of erosion and sedimentation.

There are also those who say that the height is a flat land that rises sharply above the surrounding area, at least on one side. Plateaus occur on every continent and take up at least a third of the Earth’s total land. The plateau is also one of the four main landscapes along with mountains, plains and hills.

Characteristics of the Highlands

Cool Climate

The highlands are included in an area that has a cool climate. This will happen because it is influenced by the height aspect. The higher a location, the level of freshness of the air is also high, so this plateau will also be very suitable if used as a tourist location.

Farming Made Terraces

Terracing is the process of changing a land that is made in a planned manner similar to the shape of a ladder, aiming to avoid erosion. Terraces become a distinctive characteristic form in the highlands.

Have Dry Air

Although the highlands have a very cool climate, in fact the highlands have quite dry air compared to other areas.

It rarely rains

The highlands have a cool climate and cold in other areas, as well as the highlands where it rarely rains.

Rain is more common in areas that have a lower elevation than the highlands, so it is not uncommon to find floods in the highlands, even though the rainy season arrives, the rainfall in the highlands will remain under control.