Plants are one of the decorative elements to beautify the house. You can use outdoor houseplants to decorate a small garden beside or in front of your house. But unfortunately, if the plants you plant must wither in extreme weather. Actually there are many choices of ornamental plants that can last all year round. Do you prefer flower ornamental plants or leaf ornamental plants? Both you can have and plant in the yard. Adjust the type, shape, color, and motif of the plant with your home design concept. The following are outdoor ornamental plants to beautify your home page:

1. Begonias

Begonias are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, as there are many varieties that make this foliage plant grow very well outdoors. Color varieties of begonias consist of pink flowers, red, purple, or brownish leaves. Especially the type of rex begonia which has stunning colors, patterns and textures. This ornamental plant is difficult to grow indoors because it tends to grow in places with high humidity. You can plant it by sprinkling gravel around the area where the stem grows. Then flush and leave until the water dries.

2. Fuchsia

Furthermore, there are fuchsia plants which are a genus of ornamental plants from the Onagraceae family originating from South America. Fuchsia display plants are a great addition to any tropical home design, but they can live in cold temperatures around 60-70 F. Fuchsia will rest during the winter, so don’t expect much to see flowers during the winter. Place this plant in a cool, cool area around 45-50 F with low light. In spring, move the plant back to a sunny spot and water regularly when the soil is dry. Flower growth will begin in that season. Fuchsia plant color variations are available, such as white, pink, red, purple, and combinations.

3. Geranium

The next type of outdoor ornamental plant is geranium which is one of 300 types of annual plants. Most cultivated geranium plant species are hybrids. You can leave this plant dormant until spring comes. Geraniums grown outdoors and placed in pots are the best candidates because their roots will not be disturbed by the seasons. Geraniums can grow well in direct sunlight. Then watered with water and let stand until the soil dries. The varieties of geranium plant colors available are red, pink, and white flowers.

4. Abutilone


Abutilone is a type of outdoor ornamental plant that is often grown in pots or beds as an annual plant. Basically abutilone likes bright light that can be received directly or through the window. This beautiful plant can grow and survive warm temperatures of 65 F or higher. Avoid strong winds and fertilize every week. Abutilone can be pruned during the fall to maintain its shape and size. This flower will bloom in early to mid spring. Available abutilone color varieties are white, pale yellow, and red.

5. Caladium

The ornamental plants of taro leaves are usually sold at a much more expensive price than other ornamental plants. Caladium cannot grow in cold places, as it prefers to be in temperatures of 60-85 F. If caladium leaves start to turn yellow, it is a sign that the plant is struggling and will rest until spring arrives. Store this plant in a dry, cool place, then replant in February or March. Caladiums like places that are moist but not wet. So the process of watering plants must be done properly. Varieties of taro colors are available such as green, white, cream, pink, and red.

6. Coleus

You will often find coleus plants these days. You can purchase coleus cuttings to plant later in your yard. Coleus likes warm places, but can tolerate cold temperatures at night down to around 55 F. Place the coleus in an area with indirect sunlight. Then keep the soil moist and fertilize every month. You can find coleus in a variety of colors, such as green, purple, red, pink, yellow, and combinations.

Outdoor Ornamental Plants To Beautify Your Home Yard