Many ornamental plants die in the rainy season because they are exposed to too much water. However, some of these outdoor ornamental plants are more weather resistant. Planting ornamental plants in the garden in front of the house can certainly beautify your home. In addition, the residence will be more beautiful. Especially if you are a person who has a hobby of gardening, doing activities to plant flowers or ornamental plants can have its own relaxing effect. Therefore, you can do these fun activities in your spare time. However, what about this rainy season. Because, not all ornamental plants can survive the rainy season with so much water. There are even some plants that will die if they are exposed to a lot of water, especially if they are flooded. The following are some types of outdoor ornamental plants that are suitable for planting in the rainy season.

1. Hibiscus

Flowering outdoor ornamental plants that can be planted are hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus is a monsum plant that blooms prolifically in the rainy season. In addition, these ornamental plants can also be easily cared for and make your home more attractive in the beautiful rainy season.

2. Bougenville

Bougenville is an outdoor ornamental plant that can withstand heat and rain. Plants that are often called paper flowers are also very easy to care for. Paper flowers have thin petals with striking colors. If it is growing, it will make your home garden more colorful in the rainy season.

3. Cambodia

The frangipani flower is a flower or ornamental plant that is resistant to heat and rain, and can grow in all places. Cambodia can live with a dry and hot environment, this outdoor ornamental plant is very suitable to be planted in the rainy season.

4. Euphorbia

One type of ornamental plant for minimalist plants can try to plant euphorbia plants. Plants with thorns on the stem are also useful for herbal medicine. In the rainy season, euphorbia does not need watering but can bloom beautifully.

5. Jasmine

Almost all charcoal likes jasmine flowers. This beautiful flower is very suitable to be planted in the rainy season because jasmine can survive in the heavy rain. When it rains, you can see the beautiful jasmine flowers blooming under the raindrops.

6. Roses

One of the flowers that is a favorite of many people is actually resistant to the rainy season, roses are ornamental plants that are suitable for planting in the rainy season. If you plant roses in the rainy season, it will be very successful and can spoil the eyes with its beauty.

7. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is an ornamental plant with short flowers, but can grow up to 30 cm, with branching stems, these flowers will grow in groups and small. If you plant it, this beautiful flower does not require extra care and can grow well even in the rainy season.

Outdoor Ornamental Plants Suitable for Planting During the Rainy Season