Ornamental Plants That Can Make Your Room Fresh and Fragrant

Ornamental Plants That Can Make Your Room Fresh and Fragrant

Not only can help filter the dirty air around us, plants can also beautify the room and make it smell good. The fragrance of this plant makes the house feel fresh and fresh so it always puts you in a good mood. What plants are suitable to be placed in the room while making it fresh and fragrant? The following are plants that are suitable for placing indoors:

1. Lavender

There are many benefits of growing lavender flowers at home, including improving sleep quality, repelling mosquitoes and providing a calming aroma for relaxation. Lavender flowers can be grown outdoors or indoors. If outdoors, plant lavender in well-draining soil that gets full sun. If grown indoors, you’ll want to make sure that the lavender gets enough sunlight and keeps the plant in a cool temperature.

2. Pink Jasmine

Plants that emit a fragrant aroma of course we will immediately remember the jasmine flower. However, the most fragrant jasmine flower is Jasminum polyanthum aka pink jasmine. Generally this flower will emit a sweet aroma at night. Pink jasmine flowers can grow to a height of 6 meters. Can be grown outdoors or indoors, this plant requires direct sunlight. This plant requires a lot of water, especially during flowering.

3. Lemon Scented Geranium


Among all types of geraniums, Pelargonium crispum aka lemon-scented geranium is the most famous. This plant will give off a fresh and calming lemon scent. In addition, this aroma can repel mosquitoes. This plant can grow to a height of 7 meters and the flowers will bloom between August and April. Interestingly, the leaves and young shoots can be used as essential oils.

4. Begonia Roses

Her name is rose begonia (Begonia fibrous hybrid). Pink flowers are not only soothing and beautiful to look at, but also emit a fragrant and calming scent. You can plant this flower in the soil of your yard or in a small pot, then hang it near the window. Rose begonias require high humidity and little sunlight. However, this plant is less suitable in places with cold weather. Sudden changes in temperature can make the leaves fall. Among other types of begonias, the one with the most fragrant aroma is the rose begonia.

5. Orchid

Orchids are beautiful flowers and have become a national icon of Indonesia. Some types of orchids also have a soft and calming aroma. However, many people consider orchids to be high-maintenance plants. So, not many people take care of him for fear of not being able to take good care of him. Orchids need to be placed in a bright place but protected from direct sunlight. If the leaves start to turn yellow, it’s a sign that the orchid has been exposed to too much sun. Also, water the orchid once a week by dipping the roots in a bucket of water.

6. Mandevilla

You can plant mandevilla flowers in your yard. The plant, known by another name for the stone trumpet, has a fragrant aroma. However, this smell is actually liked by insects and attracts pests. Some insects help transfer pollen, but some damage plants. How to care for it is quite easy, namely watering the plants when the soil begins to dry. However, do not over-water, as this can lead to root rot. If you want to plant indoors, make sure it is exposed to direct sunlight.

7. Carnation

Another plant that you can grow at home is the carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus). The flowers are not only beautiful and fragrant, but can live in an environment that has air pollution. Interestingly, the flower petals have a strong clove aroma and are edible, commonly used in salads. Not only that, the flowers can also be used instead of rose petals to make syrup. This plant can grow to a height of 46 cm and is suitable for planting in direct sunlight. Make sure the soil is always moist and watered regularly every day.