Ornamental Plants Suitable for Bathrooms to Absorb Moisture

Ornamental Plants Suitable for Bathrooms to Absorb Moisture

Decorating a bathroom with ornamental plants is not only beautifying the room. With the presence of ornamental plants, the air in the bathroom will be cleaner and the atmosphere will be more beautiful. However, not all types of ornamental plants can live in a bathroom that has humid conditions. Wrong choice of ornamental plants actually make it infertile and die. For that, you need to know what ornamental plants are suitable for the bathroom. The following are ornamental plants suitable for bathrooms:

1. Sansevieria

Ornamental Plants

Sansevieria, also known as the tongue-in-law ornamental plant, is an excellent bathroom plant. This one plant can thrive in high humidity. This ornamental plant is also suitable for those of you who are beginners, because no extra care is needed in caring for it. In fact, these plants don’t need extra watering at all. Apart from its beautiful shape, the mother-in-law’s tongue also has a number of other benefits. One of them can filter toxins from the air, perfect for those of you who are worried about using chemicals to get rid of bad odors in the bathroom.

2. Air Plants

This durable, hard-to-care-for plant thrives in hot and humid conditions. So that this plant will feel at home in the bathroom. These plants take in nutrients from air, light and water through tiny vessels in the leaves. This plant also requires no soil at all which makes it very easy to care for.

3. Boston Ferns

These full, bushy plants need a fair amount of room to grow, so they’re perfect if you have a little more room to play with when building your bathroom canopy. Ferns generally thrive in warm, high humidity environments, so they are perfect for placing in the bathroom.

4. Ivy

Besides making the room look beautiful, this hanging plant likes this humidity. Ivy Plant is also effective in cleaning the air, so it is perfect for decorating your bathroom. They grow really fast, so you can start taking advantage of all the vertical space in the bathroom.

5. Chlorophytum comosum

You should consider spider plants or paris lilies as decorative bathroom plants. This plant can also thrive in humid conditions. Once they reach maturity, these grassy plants will begin to grow branches, which can be pruned and multiplied to make more spider plants.

6. Calathea

The calathea’s colorful waxy leaves will make a striking addition to the sea of green in your bathroom rainforest. But be aware, they can be very fussy and prefer shady places with lots of moisture. Calatheas are quite small to start with, but grow quickly, so start on a shelf and transfer them to the floor as they mature.