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A windowless room in the house can create horror or an uncomfortable impression for some people.

The presence of lights is sometimes not powerful enough to make the room bright and look more attractive, healthy too.

Yes, a dark room can be a source of several diseases, one of which is eye disease.

You, as the owner of the house, of course don’t want that to happen to your family or visiting guests, right!

Instead of building windows that seem quite inconvenient, you can follow a few tips to make the room bright from us

These methods are of course by placing some interesting decorations and cool tricks that you certainly have never thought of before.

Placing the Glass Door

This is usually caused by renovations on a small area so that there are no openings left due to the room being attached to the wall of a neighbor’s house.

If you can’t make a window, try replacing the door of the room with glass material.

The transparent nature of the glass can make the light that enters the house can penetrate into the dark room so it will look brighter.

In addition, the originally dark room will appear more spacious and open.

Wearing a Glossy Finish

Choosing the right color is usually enough to make a room look neat and bright.

However, this does not apply to a windowless room.

It is recommended that you use a satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish that is shiny or reflective.

As a result, light will bounce in corners of the room and create a bright effect in it.

Another benefit of using finishing, you don’t have to bother cleaning the walls when the surface is stained, you know!

Because the surface is already smooth, stains that stick can be directly wiped with a damp cloth!

Choose a Light Wall Paint Color

In addition to using a satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish, you also have to make sure the color on the walls is not too old.

Dark colors applied to all walls in a room will make it feel more cramped, especially for a windowless room.

The room will look dark and cramped, difficult to live in because the comfort level will decrease.

For that, we recommend choosing light or neutral colors such as white, off-white, cream, light gray, or other bright pastel colors.

The room in the house will look more spacious, bright, and also clean.

Add a Little Black

Although it sounds a little risky, adding a little black as an accent to a windowless room will make the other colors stand out more.

Take advantage of this dark color on elements that are slender and linear, such as chair legs, standing lamp posts, painting or photo frames, carpets, and so on.

To shine even more, use a little splash of navy blue in a room dominated by pale colors like white, beige, gray, or brown…

To create the impression of a summer vibe in the coastal area with the intake of shining sun!

Using See-through Furniture

It’s not just walls and doors that need to be considered for polishing when you want to turn a dark room into a lighter one.

By using the right furniture, even a room that was originally dark and damp can shine and attract the eye.

Try using see-through furniture that can reflect light.

The right material for this is acrylic or translucent plastic.

Windowless rooms that are originally ordinary will look more attractive and artistic, perfect for those of you who really like unique interior designs!

Installing a Beautiful Big Mirror

This decorating trick has been mentioned quite often and is effective in making a windowless room look bright and beautiful.

Yes! Using a large mirror and placing it in the center of the room can make the room look brighter and more spacious.

Don’t forget to choose an attractive mirror frame so that the room looks sweeter, OK!

We recommend a mirror with a wooden or aluminum frame with a glossy silver finish!

Reflective Wall Gallery

Apart from alternatives to glass, mirrors, and see-through furniture, you can also use reflective decorations that are mounted on the wall.

So you don’t get bored, try hanging frames with different pictures and forming them into a tiny gallery on the wall of the windowless room.

Starting from paintings, weaving, photos, or other works of art.

Guaranteed, the room will feel more alive.

Low Chandelier

Apparently, placing lights for a room without windows needs attention, Friend 99.

If you usually use a lamp that is attached to the ceiling, now try to choose a model that hangs like a chandelier.

Using a chandelier can create a soft light and have a sweet effect on the room.

To make it brighter, place not one but two to three lights.

You can choose a lamp design according to the theme of the room, be it a room with a classic or modern setting.

Focal Point Decoration

The concept of less is more in a room without windows is often adopted by people when arranging and decorating it.

You really have to do this so that the room doesn’t get darker and scary.

To keep the appearance standing out, choose decorations that have a focal point so you don’t need to use a lot of accessories or accessories.

Focus the important points of the room on one wall or corner so that the room does not look cramped.

You can put a large painting like the picture above, or unique furniture so that the room has a more distinctive accent and also looks a little brighter.

Using Skylights

Skylights are components of building houses made of transparent glass mounted on the roof.

You can choose from various types of glass, ranging from ice glass, clear glass, colored glass, or stained glass.

You can use any type of glass as long as sunlight can enter the windowless room.

This one tip does sound more complicated because you have to remodel the roof before installing the glass.

However, there is nothing better to illuminate any room in the house than the natural light of the sun.