Need refreshment? These are 9 Tips for Renovating a House with a Limited Cost

Need refreshment? This is Tips for Renovating a House with a Limited Cost

For those of you who just have your own home or who have been for a long time. This pandemic situation increases our creativity in finding ideas to change the appearance of the room at home. Of course, this is because the house is a daily sight that feels like there is always an upgrade.

A common problem that arises is cost constraints. Of course, in this difficult time, your spending will focus on which ones are primary, secondary, then home renovations that are not damage, enter the tertiary group.

Have a leftover budget to remodel the house for a new atmosphere to make it more comfortable? Well, first pay attention to the following low-cost home renovation tips, Bela.

Front page

First tip: Decide which part is the most urgent that you want to renovate. For example, the condition of the garden of the house is in disarray and needs a refresher. Also adjust to your budget, Bela. Don’t push yourself too hard to be perfect. For example, it is enough to replace the grass first with a little additional path. This alone gives a different look.

If you have an extra budget, just add the plants you’ve been dreaming of so far. Still have an excess budget? Repaint the fence or front wall of your house, then repaint the parts of the wood that have started to fade.

Living room

Tip two: There are four simple things that can make your living room look fresher, without having to replace the existing furniture. That can change the color of the walls, install ornaments that beautify the walls, change the type and color of the curtains, to install vinyl or parquet on the floor.

But remember, decide whether your design is minimalist, contemporary, industrial, vintage or modern. Do not combine designs, because it will only make you dizzy when entering the room.

Dining Room

Third tip: take your time. There is no need to rush in renovating the entire contents of the house. Use the time to save to change the look of the other rooms, one by one. For example, a dining room that can suck up the budget. Did you know, in the world of interior design, there is a separate distance between the lights towards the dining table? Well, if you’ve found it, two things that can change the look of your dining room are changing the chandelier according to taste, and changing the direction of the dining table.

Dining table

You can also renovate the dining table set, Bela. So there is no need to buy a new dining table set. For example, by repainting according to the color match in the room, or adding foam to the upholstery and replacing the seat cover by covering the fabric.

Kitchen room

Entering the fifth tip, prioritize using waterproof paint in the kitchen room when changing the paint color, so that all dirt from the cooking or eating process can be easily cleaned. Just like the living room, the kitchen room also needs to look bright and fresh, so that your cooking and eating activities are more vibrant.

Unfortunately, the kitchen is often the ‘stepchild’ in the arrangement of the house, so the first three steps you can take in remodeling it are changing the color of the walls to be brighter, applying parquet on all or part of the floor, to the determining factor—changing the lighting arrangement.


Sometimes, the thing that makes the bathroom always feel dirty and damp is making it a wet bathroom. Here you need to pay a little extra, to turn it into a minimalist, modern and contemporary dry bathroom. For walls, you can still apply vinyl which is cheaper than replacing it with ceramic.

Master bedroom

As the most private room, bedroom design really determines your mood when you want to rest and wake up for activities. Here, it is important to determine the design of the bed set (sheets, pillowcases, blankets) that do not have too many colors or clash of motifs, right, Bela.

The first step to make it comfortable? Choose a lighting arrangement that feels calm to your eyes, soft carpet, and minimize furniture so that the first thing you see in the morning, is not a lot of things lying everywhere.

Children’s or guest’s bedroom

The next tip for the room, if the room is small, return to the lighting arrangement that is cool for the eyes, the color of the wall paint that is not too colorful, and the selection of a modern bed set, are the keys to making the room look comfortable. Also make sure the natural light of the sun can enter freely into the room, to make it look wider.

Back porch

Finally, if you want to renovate your back porch, you can just add a carpet of any material (fabric, rattan, woven) and add large pillows, which you can buy in packages online. So, entertaining guests is not only in the living room, right?