Methods of Sorting Ceramic Floors in Anti-Slip and Beautiful Bathrooms

Methods of Sorting Ceramic Floors in Anti-Slip and Beautiful Bathrooms

In addition to being a foothold, the bathroom tile floor must also be able to protect you so that you don’t slip easily when in the bathroom. Then how to choose the right and non-slippery bathroom tile floor? Follow the discussion below!

There are various types of floor coverings that can be used for the bathroom and the most universal is the ceramic floor. This is because ceramics are very resilient to water and high humidity. But not only the floor, ceramics are also generally used as a cubicle cover in the bathroom. So that the bathroom cubicle is not quickly damaged and seeps into the outer cubicle.

Well, even though ceramic has many advantages and is very suitable to be used as a floor covering in the bathroom, you always have to know how to choose it. Because sometimes there are types of ceramics that are very slippery and not suitable for use in the bathroom. So, how do you choose the method? Don’t worry, this time Home plan will help you in choosing the right ceramic floor for the bathroom in your home, let’s have a look!

Make sure the ceramics are not slippery when exposed to water

When choosing ceramic tiles for the bathroom, the main aspect that you need to consider is whether the ceramic surface is slippery or not. This means that ceramics whose surfaces are slippery when used in the bathroom will become slippery because they are damp and wet. This will certainly be very risky, especially if in your house there are people who are old. You can check whether the tiles are slippery or not by touching them directly or buying ceramics that are special for the bathroom.

Adjust Ceramic Dimensions With Bathroom Area

The dimensions of the bathroom tiles must be adjusted to the size of the bathroom. That’s because the appearance of your bathroom will look attractive and appropriate if you can get used to the dimensions of the ceramics. Choose ceramics with large dimensions if your bathroom area is also large, and choose small ceramic dimensions if your bathroom area is also small. There are various options for bathroom tiles dimensions, ranging from 15×15, 15×20, 20×20, 30×30, to 60×60 cm

Choose Ceramics That Are Easy To Clean

Ceramic in the bathroom must be very susceptible to the invasion of mold and mildew because of the humid atmosphere in the bathroom. For that, you should choose the type of ceramic that is easy to clean, try asking the seller when you are choosing bathroom tiles, the seller will certainly have more control over which ceramics are easy to clean and which are not.

Match the Motif to the Bathroom Theme

You also have to consider bathroom ceramic motifs so that they don’t make the bathroom look bad. Adjust the motifs and colors with the bathroom theme that you stretcher. For example, if you want to introduce a minimalist bathroom, choose ceramics with simple or plain motifs and neutral patterns such as white or cream.

Consider Ceramic Treatment Methods

After that you also have to think about the bathroom tile treatment that you want to choose. For example, if you choose white ceramic tiles, make sure the tiles are installed in a place that is not often attacked by dirt. Because if the white-colored ceramic is infected with dirt, you have to take care of it more often and harder and clean it so that it doesn’t look dirty quickly.

Distinguish With Wall Ceramics

If you are looking for ceramic tiles for the bathroom floor, make sure you distinguish it from the ceramics in your bathroom, yes. Because if you do that, then your bathroom will look unattractive and look small. It’s a good idea for you to choose different types and motifs of ceramics in your bathroom and bathroom floors.

Exploration of Ceramic Installation Method

Not only square ceramics that are very universal to find, you can also explore other shapes that you can apply in your bathroom. You can use a hexagonal or round shape to give a unique and not stiff impression. Not only that, you can also use mosaic tiles to give an artistic impression in your bathroom.

So, those are the seven easy methods that you can apply to choose ceramic floor coverings in the bathroom. You can ask the seller when you want to choose the right ceramic, because the seller will usually have more control over the product. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family who are looking for ceramics!