Many Fortunately, These Are The Functions and Benefits of Having a Home Garden

Many Fortunately, These Are The Functions and Benefits of Having a Home Garden

Here are some of the benefits we can get from a garden in our home.

Beautify the home page

There is no denying that in general, gardens have functions and benefits to beautify and make our home pages beautiful. An assortment of beautiful, colorful flowers are also as fragrant as their fragrance, ornamental plants with unique colors and shapes decorate our yard in an orderly and neat manner.

Even more so if we have a beautiful house, even though it is simple, it will seem luxurious. If combined with a saung or fish pond, the beauty that is obtained will be more complete.

As a complement to the architectural concept of building a house

Choosing the type of garden style that suits our home model is very important to produce a harmonious and harmonious blend.

If the house model we have is a minimalist house, then the garden style used is a minimalist garden style. Likewise with other house models, for example a traditional traditional house, it uses a classic garden model.

Then if the house is luxurious and magnificent then use a modern garden style. If you have a large area of ​​land, then use a Japanese garden style or other concept as you wish.

As an absorber of pollution and produce oxygen

CO2 or carbon dioxide produced from dust, vehicle fumes or factory combustion can affect our health and respiratory problems.

Some types of plants are able to filter the air and absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen from the photosynthetic process that leaves the plants in the daytime.

An environment with lots of oxygen will make the atmosphere cool and fresh and with reduced levels of air pollution, the environment will be cleaner and healthier.

Refreshes the body and mind from tiring work activities

Tiring work activities, overtime, as well as heavy and congested transportation currents make the body feel tired and the mind becomes dizzy and tired.

By having a green area in our home environment we will be able to produce oxygen which makes the air fresh, this is what can eliminate fatigue from tiring work activities.

By having a garden combined with a hut or gazebo, we can make the hut a resting place to refresh the body and mind.

Playground for children in the yard

Children are always active and curious. In this modern era, we often allow children to play gedget or smartphones, even though this can have a negative impact on children.

For this reason, we must be smart in giving children the means to play, sometimes children will also feel bored playing in the house.

That’s why having a playground in our yard is a good thing, children can actively play and do other activities.

As a rainwater catchment area or drynase

Having a garden means having an area of ​​land that can be infused with water.

In big cities, there are many buildings without city parks which cause rainwater infiltration to be disturbed, moreover, many people are not responsible for littering, this has resulted in frequent flooding.

By having a good water catchment area or drynase and public awareness of the language of littering, the risk of flooding can be minimized.

Keeping fish in the garden pool

The garden pool is an important garden element so that the garden becomes more beautiful.

In addition to beautifying the home page, with a pond we can keep aquatic animals such as fish, turtles or others.

If what we keep are beautiful aquatic animals such as koi fish, then this will create a beautiful environment and atmosphere in our homes.

Channel hobbies

Hobbies are a very broad interest, hobbies are not just in the field of lifestyle sports.

Creating a garden or farming is also a hobby that is popular with people. Hobbies can make whatever we do wholeheartedly, and many also start from hobbies to become a business and a source of income.

From a hobby to a profitable business

Hobbies are something we really enjoy doing and often do, hobbies can also give us satisfaction and fun when we do it.

Even to channel hobbies, not many people are willing to pay a lot of money or are even willing to do extreme hobbies that are not profitable (not paid).

Having a hobby of creating or managing gardens or planting crops has promising business opportunities.

We can open a garden service business or open a kiosk selling ornamental plants. Make no mistake, this business can promise high income. Moreover, if we have a collaboration for a garden building project in a large company, imagine how much turnover will be obtained.

How, are you interested in starting a gardening service business and selling ornamental plants?

Those are some of the benefits that we can take from having a garden at home and a hobby of being in a garden or managing a garden.

Nothing is in vain in this world even for a small thing. Having a garden is a simple thing, but it can have a tremendous positive impact