Making the Back Terrace of the House for Family Gathering

Making the Back Terrace of the House for Family Gathering

Having a house with a backyard that can be used as a special terrace for relaxing is indeed quite exciting. How not, using the back porch for a place to relax can be a pretty good alternative to spending the day, especially on holidays.You can add some plants to the terrace, which is located at the very back of the house, or you can make it into a beautiful and soothing fish pond with the sound of gurgling water in the pond.

Using the back porch for a relaxing location with friends or family while on vacation is an agenda that you can spend. For example, you can do activities such as a picnic behind the house by making a special barbeque so that the gathering atmosphere becomes more enjoyable. In addition, you can take advantage of the back for a chat event while enjoying a light snack.

Ideas for designing an attractive back porch

Arranging the house is one job that is quite fun. How not, because you can bring out your imagination into a unique home work that has elements of art and beauty at the same time. You can put some parts of wishful thinking into an important part of the house. Like the following ideas to turn the back of the house into an attractive and multifunctional part of the house:

The first design that can be chosen is a minimalist terrace model

If you have vacant land in the back of the house, you can plant it with ornamental plants and you can give it a touch of synthetic grass as a place to sit and relax. You can also provide the edge of the garden with a fish pond with a unique design.

So the back porch of your house looks more natural, but still comfortable to gather and relax. This activity can be used as an official family agenda to spend vacation time gathering with family and not having to leave the house. The back porch of the house with a minimalist concept is still excellent today.

The second design that you can choose is a design for camping

Camping designs can be used as design ideas for your back porch. This kind of camping design is suitable for those of you who like to be one with nature. You can place greenery around the land behind your house and then give it a stand made of concrete as if you were in the wild.

In addition, you can also provide minimalist chairs for a relaxing location. Also include a small, minimalist table for a place to place light snacks as friends to hang out with your family.

Give it a beach feel in the back

For those of you who like beaches, you can choose the back porch design to become a beach-style gathering location. The trick is to provide some decomposite granite which you function as a substitute for beach sand.

Then in it or in the middle you can provide a special place to make a campfire that is provided with a light concrete protector so that the sparks do not spread when you are holding a campfire.

Design an adventurous style in the wild

This kind of design is suitable if in the back of the house you have several trees that are quite strong and tall. You can add a hammock as a place for you to relax or gather while enjoying the fresh air behind the house.

You can read a book in the hammock or just sit around with a picnic together under the hammock to strengthen family relationships.

An attractive outdoor restaurant design

This kind of design is suitable for those of you who often spend the funds you have to eat at restaurants with an outdoor concept. You can add a round dining table or a long dining table for a dining area by adding wooden chairs.

Don’t forget to place an umbrella that is large enough to give a cool impression behind the house, like the appearance of a fancy restaurant with an outdoor concept.

Outdoor cinema design

This kind of design is perfect for those of you who have a hobby of watching movies as a medium for quality time with family. How you can set up a projector and also a white screen on the back of the house as a place to put your favorite movies with your family.

Don’t forget to provide a base where you can sit and enjoy the film, and so that your safety is guaranteed don’t forget to organize the cables so they aren’t messy and safe.

Having and choosing a backyard concept that you conjure into a comfortable room concept for family gatherings, of course, will make your home like a palace. This will make family gatherings no longer need to travel outside the house.

Creating a beautiful back porch design for a special room to gather with people you care about is indeed a pretty good alternative.