Make Your Garden More Beautiful and Fresh with the Following 8 Tree Choices

Make Your Garden More Beautiful and Fresh with the Following 8 Tree Choices

Not only in the capital, the air temperature and weather in various regions are getting more extreme, sometimes cold, sometimes very hot. This is none other than the impact caused by climate change. Luckily, we are in the rainy season now, so you may be more worried about the heavy rains hitting than the hot weather. But try to imagine when the dry season comes back, are you ready to face the heat with high temperatures?

To reduce the intensity of the sun’s heat that enters the house, you can take advantage of vegetation such as trees. Lush trees can help reduce excess heat. In addition, there are many types of shade trees with beautiful shapes and appearance to make your home more beautiful and fresh. Here are the types of trees that you can use as a reference to complement your garden in your home.

Tabebuya tree

Some time ago this shade tree went viral in Surabaya. The beauty of the tabebuya flowers that bloom on the streets of Surabaya makes residents and visitors feel like they are in Sakura Country. Tabebuya tree types have various flower colors, ranging from orange, red, pink, magenta, yellow, and white. However, each tree only has 1 type of flower color, so make sure you choose the right tree species to produce the flowers you want during the blooming season. Care for this tree is quite easy. Tabebuya trees can survive even when the weather is dry, so you don’t need to give special care to this tree.

Mango tree

The  mango tree is still a favorite choice of many people to accompany the garden in their residence. Apart from its lush leaves, the mango tree can produce fruit that can be harvested up to three times a year.

Behind all the benefits and advantages of mango trees, you need to be careful in caring for mango trees because this type of shade tree can be attacked by diseases and pests, such as white pests, mango ladybugs, to mites. Make sure you take good care of the mango tree to avoid pests.

Bamboo tree

If you want your home to look beautiful as a whole, then you can use bamboo trees around your house. Usually the bamboo tree is used as a barrier on the outer wall of the house. Bamboo trees are among the easiest shade trees to plant and care for. Bamboo trees can also grow quickly and have a sufficient height to reduce the intensity of light and sun heat entering your residential area.

Kersen Tree

If you have ever eaten taro fruit which is red in color and shaped like a cherry, then this type of tree should be familiar to you. The cherry tree has leaves that are pointed and quite lush. The height of this shade tree can reach up to 10 meters so it is suitable to be used as a shade tree. What you need to pay attention to is that when you fall, this tree will drop quite a lot of talok fruit which, if stepped on, can contaminate the soil under your tree.

Balinese frangipani tree

Balinese frangipani tree or what some people call Jepun Bali tree is usually found in Bali. The beauty of the color of the flower and the shape of the trunk makes this type of shade tree quite attractive to be placed in the front garden of the house. In addition, the fragrance of flowers will make your garden even fresher. The reproduction of the Balinese frangipani tree is also quite easy. This tree can grow in hot weather conditions.

Cinnamon Tree

If you have 2 or more levels of occupancy and want a tall tree, then a cinnamon tree can be an option to shade your house. Cinnamon trees can grow to a height of more than 8 meters. The leaves of this shade tree are oval and slightly pointed. Cinnamon tree care is not difficult, you just water it regularly every day.