Lucky Plants in Your Yard

Lucky Plants in Your Yard

Believe it or not, one’s luck cannot be separated from the elements that surround it, starting from the yard of the house to every corner of the house. It is undeniable that feng shui knowledge about spatial planning and objects in homes and yards can have a positive, beneficial effect for homeowners.

If you don’t want to be bothered with trinkets or feng shui-style decorations that are too complicated, at least you can consider a well-arranged home yard. To avoid an arid and dry home yard, why not add green plants that make it fresh and cool? The cool thing is, these 10 plants for the yard are also believed to bring good luck, health and prosperity. Curious? Let’s see together!

Paper Flower Plant

Want to have a family that is always lasting and full of love? It’s time to put beautiful bougainvillea flowers in your yard. This ornamental plant is also called paper flower because the shape of the flower is thin like paper.

If planted in front of a tropical garden, paper flower plants aka bougenville can grow up to 10 meters high and provide shade that looks beautiful in the yard. In addition, the many health benefits of this plant, from treating hepatitis to overcoming various female problems.

Money Tree

One type of ornamental plant in the yard that is already popular for those of you who like feng shui, Money Tree or Pachira is a form of garden plant decoration that is believed to bring financial luck.

For this beautiful tree, often homeowners will braid the trunk together. It is often recommended that you choose sticks that number 3 to 5 to be woven together, and not choose the number 4 which is generally considered an unlucky number.

Rubber Plant

The shape of this Rubber Plant ornamental plant is characterized by its leaves that are round at the ends. These Rubber Plants come in various sizes and do not require much maintenance other than being watered regularly, much like cacti and succulents. Exactly if placed in front of the open yard in front of the house.

For business luck, this ornamental plant is suitable to be placed in the yard or the “money corner” at home because it is a symbol of luck, prosperity and abundance of money.

Peace Lily Plants

The name may still be unfamiliar, but Kania is sure you must have seen the beautiful Peace Lily plants adorning various yards of the house. The shape of the leaves is just a sheet with a unique central stalk.

As the name implies, Peace Lily can be a symbol of “peace” in the yard that covers the entire house. Peace Lily ornamental plants can also be categorized as air-purifying plants, so they definitely affect the health of family members every time they pass through the beautiful yard in front of the house.

Jade Plant

Jade plant is a type of succulent plant that is believed to have a positive effect on the wealth and well-being of its owner. If placed in the yard, this jade plant is like welcoming success right in the yard of the house for its owner.

No wonder this jade plant is often lined up as an ideal housewarming gift. Kania is sure, everyone wants to have good luck right in front of the house, right?

Orchids in the Yard or Home Garden

Not only beautiful, orchids which are usually planted in the yard or garden of a minimalist home also symbolize ‘love’. The positive effect of this orchid is to give love luck, provide peace for those who see it and also strengthen relationships between family members.

In addition to feng shui science that values ‚Äč‚Äčorchids, both in the yard and at other points in the house, ancient Greek traditions also often associate orchids with fertility or fertility. It’s really suitable to put orchid ornamental plants in front of the yard for you newly married couples!

Bamboo Hockey

The shape does resemble a mini-sized bamboo, but actually this hockey bamboo belongs to the Dracanea type. This type of ornamental plant is indeed cute and adorable. This plant also symbolizes the ‘grove’ of bamboo which is known as a plant that gives peace, health, love and luck for thousands of years.

This hockey bamboo plant is suitable to be placed in the yard or in the house, precisely in the part facing the East for families and Southeast for wealth.

Palms in the Yard of the House

Palm houseplants are one of the easiest to get in a variety of shapes and sizes. If placed in certain corners of the yard, palm plants can complement the missing feng shui element. Palm plants are also effective at absorbing negative chemicals such as xylene and formaldehyde from carpets or new furniture, so scientifically they are very good for health, both indoors and outdoors.

Elephant Ear Leaf

Having wide leaves that resemble elephant ears, Anthurium crystallium is an ornamental plant in the yard that is also quite well known among lovers of plants and ornamental plants. This plant, which is one of the species of the Anthurium genus, is also believed to bring sustenance and abundant material wealth if planted in a garden or yard.