Knowing Architectural Consultant

Knowing Architectural Consultant

Architectural Consultant. An architectural consultant in Indonesia can be in the form of an architectural firm that has a team of many architects and their supporting roles, such as interior designer, structural, mechanical-electrical, to drafter. However, there is also a single architectural consultant who performs all of these roles alone. So the architectural firm varies greatly in size. Ada is an individual design consulting service, medium and large. Each of these architectural consultants serves individual clients, private offices and government offices. The design style of each architectural consultant is different. This really depends on the taste of the architect or the specific design direction determined by the architect consultant company.

The role of an architectural consultant is to provide consultancy in building planning. It can take the form of a design solution in the form of innovative and creative two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings for their clients. This architectural consultation usually involves building design, compiling a building plan and even managing the construction of the building. There are architectural consultants who are able to serve all things related to design until it is built, some are only focused on certain specialties. For example, there are architectural consultants who specifically serve residential homes, some specialize in housing, land and projects for developers, some specialize in tall buildings such as offices, hotels, apartments and the like, some focus on restoration design and conservation of historic buildings , green architectural, theme park, urban design and building renovation projects. Apart from specialization in building types, there are architectural consultants who specialize in special design styles such as minimalist design, classic design and so on.

Generally cloud people know that architectural consultants only make building designs, but actually architectural consultants are involved from the initial planning until the building is finally built. A professional, trained and experienced architectural consultant will be able to manage all these aspects, from planning, design to execution of the building construction.

The architects who act as architectural consultants will think about the design of the building from all aspects in detail. Each part of the building is designed one by one by paying attention to harmony with one another. So that when each part of this building is put together, it can produce a building with a complete design in accordance with the design concept, in accordance with the two and three dimensional drawings and then manifested in its implementation. This whole process is what architectural consultants do. In comparison, someone often mixes up several architectural styles which he thinks are good to be applied in his dream home. Take samples from magazines, the internet or other media. Then he also bought some furniture and interior accessories that he found interesting. But after being implemented in the building and the interior, the fine examples and furniture even become strange or do not fit together. This can happen because there is no binding concept in the architectural or interior design. The aspects are not considered from various angles, harmony is not maintained, then the details are also not noticed.

With a role like the one above, architectural consultants have a big influence on a building project. The earlier the architectural consultant’s involvement in the project, the wider the selection of design solutions will be. For a simpler explanation, an architectural consultant will have more flexibility to ‘move’ and be creative if involved from the start. For example, designing a building from scratch is easier than renovating. Because when designing from scratch, aspects such as the existing building structure, the walls that you want to maintain, do not need to be considered. Or another example, for example an architect consultant was only involved when the building was half finished, then some adjustments needed to be made. Of course, these adjustments require additional costs. Likewise with the design solution, the alternatives offered are more limited because they have to consider many aspects including the part of the project that has already been built. This is also able to optimize the cost aspect. The more requirements and limitations of a project, the more difficult it is to ‘move’. Creativity and innovation are needed for every project. Each project is unique. Each project has different needs and different aspects of consideration according to the conditions and situation. So it’s almost impossible to copy and paste the exact same design from one project to another. Of course you can if you just force it. However, the results will not be optimal if the project is designed according to their needs, which takes into account all aspects as well as the special situations and conditions of each project.

As a good architectural consultant, he must be able to provide basic services, namely design, then offer alternative design solutions, optimize costs, provide recommendations, views, direct clients to get the best design to meet their needs and help clients in the best decision-making process. An architectural consultant is not just following all the wishes of the client, but must be able to provide input according to his scientific background. Adjustments are possible, but of course with the aim of getting the best results for the project.

Consultation Process Between Architecture Consultants And Clients

Before a project starts, a consultation process with clients will be carried out beforehand. The architectural consultant will analyze various aspects, especially the client’s needs and the budget for the project. Other aspects that are considered, for example, the specific requirements of each type of building, the most important is the safety factor, then the regulations in building planning and construction, and the building materials used. Impact factors on the environment and on the surrounding community.

Architecture Consultant Involvement In Project Implementation

The Architectural Consultant will act as the main consultant in a project. The architectural consultant will lead a project and / or work closely with the Project Manager of the project. Also cooperate with other consultants involved in the project, for example structural consultants, interior consultants, mechanical and electrical consultants, geotechnical consultants, surveyors and other sub-consultants. Architect consultants must be able to stand on the side of the client, make considerations and design and technical decisions for the benefit of the client and the project. Sometimes an architectural consultant is asked to be involved in selecting a project location.

Architecture Consultant Turnes Design Ideas Into Building Projects That Match The Design

Here, the architectural consultant must be able to come up with design ideas to provide solutions to the problems of the building project, then translate them into designs to work drawings that can be used as a reference in construction so that later the built buildings will match the design. The architectural consultant will also give advice as a professional architectural advisor to direct and provide recommendations to clients, so that clients can make the right decisions for the building project.