Know the Types of Terrarium

Know the Types of Terrarium

Terrarium was first introduced in England. The initial model was a mini greenhouse in the royal palace. Since then, the terrarium has continued to grow. Until now, there are at least three types of terrariums that are commonly applied — both for research purposes, farming methods, and decorative elements.

The three types of terrariums include:

Open air terrarium

This is a terrarium with the top not closed. To make miniature plants, this type of medium is the easiest to use and care for. You can even make plant decorations in this type of terrarium in a very short time.

Closed terrarium

Is the opposite of an open terrarium, or terrarium with conditions tightly closed in all parts. The goal is to create a unique biosphere in the terrarium. This terrarium is the most difficult to build and maintain. There are more challenges in making this type of terrarium. Some of the factors that should be of particular concern for a closed terrarium are issues of water quantity and proper lighting. This type of terrarium usually has a small top to place plants and other materials in the terrarium.

Animal terrarium

As the name implies, this type of terrarium is used as a place or container for small animals to be displayed. For example lizards, iguanas, frogs, small turtles, or snakes. The goal is not far from the plant terrarium which is to display various types of ornamental plants. It’s just that this type of terrarium is to display an imitation of the real world of fauna in the wild, by moving it to an attractive glass medium.