Know the 6 Types of Glass and Their Functions Before Losing Buying

Know the 6 Types of Glass and Their Functions Before Losing Buying

Are you planning to buy glass for house construction components? Check out the 6 types of glass below so you don’t make the wrong choice!

Today, the use of glass in the home has been widely applied.

This clear glass material is in demand by many people because of its sleek and elegant appearance, making all types of residences look more modern.

Glass material can also be installed anywhere.

As a substitute for house walls, partitions, stair railings, stairs, floors, roofs, and much more!

Well, from each use as above, the type of glass used is of course different.

Not all glass has the same characteristics, and if you install the wrong one, it can be very dangerous for homeowners.

Therefore, so you don’t regret buying in the future…

Color Glass

Colored glass, or rayban, is made of clear glass to which color is added from a mixture of metal compounds.

The colors that decorate this glass vary widely, there are black, blue, gold, green, red, orange, yellow, gray, brown, and others.

Colored glass has two types, namely transparent and dense, but this transparency can still be adjusted by the glass maker according to the wishes of consumers.

Colored glass is widely used as a building material for windows, doors, and ceilings because of its heat-absorbing properties.

The darker the color of the glass, the better its performance in cooling the room.

Thanks to its ability to withstand the hot sun from entering the house, colored glass has now been used by large buildings to build their exteriors

This is done to replace concrete walls that tend to be difficult to clean and look older.

Mirror Glass


Mirror glass is a material that was created to look transparent on one side only, that’s why this type is called one way mirrored glass.

For those of you who are still confused, try to remember the scene in action films when the police interrogate a suspect in the interrogation room.

Well, the glass they use to monitor the suspect is called a mirror.

This glass, also known as stopsol glass, is made of a thin reflective layer called metal oxide.

This glass is suitable for use in rooms, or in rooms where you need a higher level of privacy.

In addition, this glass can also be used as home decoration because it looks minimalist and looks luxurious.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is colored glass shards that are assembled together using tin or brass.

The process of combining these pieces of glass is called soldering, that’s why this type of glass is called stained.

Stained glass, or stained glass, its use became popular since the Renaissance era.

Ancient people used this glass to decorate religious buildings such as cathedrals and other historical places.

Stained glass is a unique material because the pattern, color selection, and pattern in the image can be arranged according to the wishes of the homeowner.

Although it looks beautiful to be placed anywhere, the thickness of stained glass is not more than 2 cm, its characteristics are not as strong as other glass.

Therefore, the use of stained glass in the house is limited according to the object supported by the material.

You are not advised to use this glass for bases such as floors, stairs, or furniture surfaces that support heavy objects.

Clear Glass


You must already know this type of glass because its use has spread in almost every home.

Clear glass is also known as float glass or plain glass

Its transparent and fairly thin nature makes this glass unsuitable for use as a house exterior that is exposed to direct sunlight continuously.

Like the fence, for example.

Limit the use of this glass only as a window or partition in your home.

You can also build lots of clear glass furniture and home furniture, such as aquariums, wall hangings, wardrobes, glass tables, and much more!

But remember, the bigger the furniture, the thicker the clear glass you should use.

Ice Glass

Ice glass is a type of glass that looks opaque like ice.

The texture of the outside is a little rough, but on the part facing the house, the surface looks more smooth.

In the Indonesian material market, this glass is more often called Indofigur glass because the largest producer comes from the Asahimas factory.

Its thick and opaque characteristics can protect the house from the sun, so that the light that enters the house is not too bright, and feels warm.

Apart from being a window, you can also use ice glass as a house partition, especially for places that require privacy such as a shower dividing wall.

By using ice glass, the appearance of the room will look more spacious than the use of solid walls.

Laminated Glass

Among all types of glass, laminated glass is the type that has the highest resistance.

Laminated glass is impact resistant as much as 3 to 5 times ordinary glass because it is made of glass that is heated and cooled suddenly.

Because of the above, laminated glass is often used as a building component that requires extra security.

For example, such as balcony floors, children and stair railings, elevator walls, escalator railings, and so on.

Laminated glass is also safer to use at home, because if it breaks, the chunks won’t be as sharp as normal glass.

The edges of the chunk will be more blunt due to their extraordinary thickness

Apart from being a foothold and handrail, you can also use laminated glass as a house partition and a greenhouse builder material in the yard.