The presence of Closed Circuit Television or what is often known as CCTV is one thing that is now commonly found in every home. How not, one of these modern technological breakthroughs has even become the front line to anticipate crime. Especially for those of you who often leave the house for work or vacation.

CCTV installation at several important points such as bedrooms, children’s rooms to the front and back of the house is optimal to overcome anxiety during activities. Coupled with the help of real-time monitoring features, as you can find in one of  CCTV collections, namely the CCTV Cooper Kit. Through the help of the  Lite application, you can directly monitor the condition of your house in real-time 24 hours via your smartphone.

The real-time monitoring produced is high definition (HD) 1080p sourced from 4 2-megapixel resolution cameras. For optimal monitoring, you can also add new channels because the DVR included in the CCTV Cooper Kit is able to accommodate 8 channels in total. This CCTV series is also equipped with a 1 terabyte hard drive.

However, of course, the availability of sophisticated technology such as that offered by the CCTV Cooper Kit is not enough. It takes a support system in the form of routine maintenance for optimal and long-term CCTV work. Here are 3 maintenance steps that are mandatory for you after installing CCTV at home.

Regular Cleaning of CCTV Components

CCTV work performance is highly dependent on the condition of CCTV components (such as cameras, DVRs, hard drives to monitors) and internet/LAN connections. Therefore, cleanliness is one of the crucial aspects that you must maintain and do regularly for long-term use.

Especially sensitive parts of CCTV components, such as camera lenses. This area is known to get dirty easily (especially if the installation point is placed in an outdoor area). As a result, if the camera lens is not cleaned regularly, it can affect CCTV monitoring results when accessed through the Lite application or directly via the monitor. The recorded image will tend to be more blurry or not as high-definition as expected.

Accuracy & Position Check

After cleaning the CCTV components regularly, make sure you check the accuracy and position of each. Call it the accuracy of the direction of the camera beam or even the simplest things, such as cable connections and CCTV connections to power sources and the internet.

This of course aims to minimize the blind spot area in the range of CCTV cameras. An internet connection that is always connected ensures that real-time monitoring can be accommodated on your smartphone at any time. The thing that is no less important is checking the accuracy of the CCTV camera monitoring results, especially the time accuracy to find out whether the condition of the DVR is in good condition or damaged.

CCTV System Updates Periodically

In addition to ensuring the condition of CCTV spare parts in clean condition and functioning properly, also rejuvenating the CCTV system. You can do this by sorting the CCTV camera recordings on a regular basis.

If the sorting results are important, then do a back-up or transfer the data to another memory source. This aims to refresh or ease the work of the CCTV system as a whole and ensure the hard drive can still work to store data on an ongoing basis.

These are the stages of CCTV maintenance that you need to do regularly. However, still do first the selection of the right CCTV for long durability. Choose the  CCTV Cooper Kit for real-time and effective home monitoring.

When the cellphone alarm rings, the feeling of being reluctant to get up and immediately pressing the snooze button often hits. Does the incident describe your early morning, If so, then it’s time for you to move on from this habit!

The more you feel it takes longer to “rest” in bed in the morning, the less chance you have of starting a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the demands of work that require you to travel far or long so that it will erode the time to be able to prepare a source of energy (breakfast) in the morning.

How not, the above habits cause you to start your activities in a hurry, as a result, time for breakfast will be taken up. However, changing the routine is certainly not easy, it requires an adjustment process and a strong desire. Some of these tips are ready to help you, first choose a type of breakfast that is easy to prepare but rich in nutrients, then carry out an effective breakfast preparation process assisted with the right tools,

The three tools above are ready to facilitate your activities in preparing a healthy breakfast whose main ingredients are according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, namely bread, eggs and fruit. Come on, see how the advantages of modern electronic products from ACE above can help you switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Just Install It Is Not Enough, CCTV at Home Also Needs Routine Maintenance! Find out how here!